Kams’ F1 debut… GP2 is proud

I have been very hard on Kam Kobayashi’s disappointing season in GP2 this year, especially after his GP2 Asia crown in early 2koba f1 brazil009.  Yet I was very critical of the FIA for not allowing Kam to race in Suzuka, where he was more than reasonably prepared to sub for Timo Glock.

Well, yesterday’s performance at Interlagos has made the GP2 community proud, and should serve as a stimulus for all current and aspiring GP2 drivers.  His wonderful qualifying in difficult conditions, his strength in battling a future World Champ like JB and his composure throughout the rest of the race (except when pushing Kaz Nakajima into oblivion), were testament of the value of GP2 and junior driver programs.

Yes, Romain Grosjean has been a disappointment, but not all GP2 guys are meant to be F1 drivers.  But with Buemi (decent job in an improving car) and the numerous GP2 crew in the F1 grid, Kam is pointing in the right direction.


2 Responses to Kams’ F1 debut… GP2 is proud

  1. gabal says:

    He was the driver of the day yesterday in my eyes – too bad he didn’t score in his debute.

  2. Mekola says:

    He was very impressive in Brazil and outshone clearly the other “mid-year newbies” of the F1 grid.

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