Will Durango race GP2 Asia?

The recent financial and fiscal troubles affecting Ivone Pinton’s Durango team are taking a toll on his efforts to focus on racing.

For starters, after the massive accident suffered by Stefano Coletti at Spa, Durango has only been seen with one car on track, implying that resources are limited to replace the chassis.  Given that teams should have insurance coverage (usually with a €10k or so deductible), I can only assume that the money from that claim is being used elsewhere.

This brings into serious doubt whether the Durango cars will be in Asia or not.   Given the Main and Asia chassis are different, Durango has the cars sitting in their warehouse.  The question is whether they have the necessary focus, energy or motivation to affront a GP2 Asia season with all that is going on behind the scenes.


4 Responses to Will Durango race GP2 Asia?

  1. Patrik says:

    Can’t they just sell thoose old cars to RE/Fat burner? 😀

  2. Nick says:

    Ivone Pinton said at Italiaracing.net, that his squad has cancelled the Asian series program and is very critical with the GP2 promoter regarding last season when Valsecchi was forced to move to BAddax team.
    Durango at this time is not sure to be in main series next year.

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