Why is there no “GP2 FOTA”?

In several of my posts earlier this year, I questioned the need for a “GP2 FOTA”.  Basically, the teams all seem very distant from one another in terms of objectives and protection of their business interests.  By this I mean that in GP2 the strength is virtually all in the hands of the organization and not the teams.  As a comparison, F1 is shifting gradually more to a FOTA-led championship and not a FIA-led championship.  This makes sense, as the ones risking their money and capital are the teams and their owners, not just the organization – which has a role but which should be at the service of the teams.

Is it due to a lack of leadership?  Does no one want to play the “bad guy” in front of Bruno & Bernie?

If I was a GP2 team owner, I would seriously lobby for the creation of a FOTA-like group.   Confrontation is not necessarily good, but respect for the people that risk their money and time is… at today that seems to be missing from GP2.


4 Responses to Why is there no “GP2 FOTA”?

  1. Big' says:

    ART will reduce their involvement in F3 Euroseries,they will run only 3 cars according to Auto-Hebdo.

  2. premixed says:

    Interesting ıdea…But first of all, for this purpose (FOTA or etc..) teams had to manufacture the car…This a problem at the beginning

    • gp2 insider says:

      Premixed… this is obvious and it is why “FOTA” is in quotes…. it’s the concept of team unity that we’re talking about.

  3. premixed says:

    I really loved the idea…This is not the case ….But this is like that…Some one own the series….(Bruno and Bernie..) They identify the rules or any other things.. It is up to you ..you will race or not… What will FOTAGP2 do… They could say if you accept these ..ok you race..if not..you dont race… They could find some one race instead of you…

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