Abu Dhabi final session : Filippi fastest overall

Luca Filippi has closed out the two-day test on top, probably a sign of things to come at the GP2 Asia opener next weekend.

1. Luca Filippi Meritus 1m51.415s 28
2. Roldan Rodriguez Coloni 1m51.435s 26
3. Davide Valsecchi iSport 1m51.508s 15
4. Fabio Leimer Ocean 1m51.650s 19
5. Diego Nunes Meritus 1m51.993s 25
6. Rodolfo Gonzalez Arden 1m52.083s 28
7. Christian Vietoris DAMS 1m52.235s 29
8. Josef Kral Super Nova 1m52.294s 11
9. Marcus Ericsson ART 1m52.297s 18
10. Michael Herck DPR 1m52.420s 25
11. Johnny Cecotto Trident 1m52.422s 33
12. Sam Bird ART 1m52.478s 12
13. Luiz Razia Addax 1m52.498s 20
14. James Jakes Super Nova 1m52.567s 33
15. Edoardo Piscopo DAMS 1m52.625s 18
16. Vladimir Arabadzhiev Piquet 1m52.473s 33
17. Daniel Zampieri Piquet 1m52.760s 25
18. Alexander Rossi Ocean 1m52.877s 32
19. Max Chilton Addax 1m52.998s 24
20 Will Bratt Coloni 1m53.001s 28
21. Pablo Sanchez Arden 1m53.571s 6
22. Plamen Kralev Trident 1m56.874s 30


4 Responses to Abu Dhabi final session : Filippi fastest overall

  1. Fujer says:

    Ericsson told us in his blogg that he had break failure on day 1 and then the engine faild him twice on day 2. So that is part of why he has been alittle off pace this weekend.

    He also seems very calm pumped up for this comming weekend.

    Crossing my fingers for a problem free weekend for him next week.

    Goo Marcus!

  2. Fujer says:

    break problem * not failure =) my bad

  3. Spudy says:

    Perhaps iSport is looking more appealing to him now. I just have a feeling that with Bianchi being ART’s main man that Ericsson will be better off with iSport whom I believe to be with ART the best two teams in GP2

  4. Patrik says:

    I don’t think as it was fixed that quickly it was the engine but it’s that dodgy electronics/software in the old GP2 car, but the fun part was it took 1½ hours to get one car back to the pitlane during a testday, I think the marshalls going to need help, or we’ll see another China/Singapore, where it takes SC of 10laps to clear a car(over doing it but you get the point).

    but yeah only getting the morning 7laps and about 2hours running in the afternoon, I think Markus could be a great surprise, and yes I do believe that he should aim at getting 1st spot for iSport, I beleive he is faster than Turvey

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