Where are the Asians in GP2 Asia?

Just an obvious observation… 12 teams, 24 drivers, 0 Asians.

If the market is so big, so healthy, so interested in racing, why is there not a single Asian driver in this year’s GP2 Asia championship?

No Al Fardan, no Chia Chen … or the “veterans” Yoshimoto, Yamamoto or Chandhok.

Curious isn’t it?  Maybe the positioning is a bit off?  Or is it just that GP2 Asia has no Asian relevance?

It really does lend itself to serious analysis from the organization, in my humble opinion.


5 Responses to Where are the Asians in GP2 Asia?

  1. Nick says:

    Fantastic topic!
    I would like to know the BM opinion about it!!


  2. seppefan says:

    Well it is Middle East really not Asia. Name wrong but I do not see any turbans coming off so a helmet can go on.

  3. gabal says:

    I really start to wonder shall we see another season of GP2 Asia…

  4. spudy says:

    I don’t think F1 and GP2 race in the middle east and asia for driving talent. I think it’s more to do with the fact they have money to stage these events. The middle east and asia has been growing economically at a very fast rate and if they can pay Bernie top dollar and build state of the art facilities then F1 and GP2 will race there. The fact there are no Asian/Middle Eastern drivers goes to show that although they have the money they simply don’t have the talent yet.

  5. sauber11 says:

    Yesterday 3 japan drivers were testing WSR car, toyota drivers Kunimoto and Iguchi looking to stay there at 2010 ( Kunimoto is almost signed).

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