Paul Ricard, Day 1 Morning session: Herck surprises

Results from this morning’s GP2 Main test session at Paul Ricard (times from

 1.  Michael Herck          DPR                1:12.976   25
 2.  Oliver Turvey          iSport             1:13.094   17
 3.  Christian Vietoris     Fat Burner         1:13.099   27
 4.  Jerome d'Ambrosio      Barwa Addax        1:13.138   33
 5.  Sam Bird               ART Grand Prix     1:13.244   23
 6.  Fabio Leimer           Fat Burner         1:13.266   37
 7.  James Jakes            Super Nova         1:13.321   21
 8.  Alberto Valerio        DAMS               1:13.326   23
 9.  Karun Chandhok         Party Poker Coloni 1:13.373   15
10.  Esteban Gutierrez      Telmex Arden       1:13.439   32
11.  Max Chilton            Barwa Addax        1:13.560   23
12.  Alexander Rossi        DAMS               1:13.562   37
13.  Stefano Coletti        Piquet GP          1:13.591   22
14.  Davide Valsecchi       iSport             1:14.004   16
15.  Charles Pic            Ocean Racing       1:14.267   29
16.  William Bratt          Party Poker Coloni 1:14.365   22
17.  Rodolfo Gonzalez       Ocean Racing       1:14.385   32
18.  Vladimir Arabadzhiev   Piquet GP          1:14.519   29
19.  Jake Rosenzweig        Super Nova         1:14.561   17
20.  Jan Charouz            ART Grand Prix     1:14.639   31
21.  Luiz Razia             Telmex Arden       1:15.289    8
22.  Kevin Nai Chia Chen    Trident Racing     1:15:730   24
23.  Plamen Kralev          Trident Racing     1:17.638   25
24.  Giacomo Ricci          DPR                No time

Surprising to see Michael Herck on top, though surely a testament of his persistence and dedication to improving his driving skill.  Great result for Turvey as well, putting the iSport Dallara in second place, barely ahead of Vietoris in the Racing Engineering car.  The whole group was tight, with the top 13 within 1 second of Herck’s best time.

Luiz Razia had problems with his Arden, completing only 8 laps while most of the field was in the mid to high 20s.  Valsecchi also had some problems with his iSport, as commented by the team on their Twitter page.

Rookie Jake Rozenzweig pulled in a 19th place showing,  almost 1.5 seconds clear of the leading group.

At the bottom, we see Chia Chen with a slow time, but not last, that honor being for Trident backmarker_Kralev, with Charous not too far.


4 Responses to Paul Ricard, Day 1 Morning session: Herck surprises

  1. Big' says:

    Some news:
    according to the mother of Alexander Rossi,the US F1 project doesn’t seem well.
    Alexander has no budget,he knew that he will drive at Abu Dhabi 2 days before testing days and for this test he knew his partcipation 3days before.
    It’s difficult to find solution for 2010

  2. Nick says:

    Herck on top….! But what about Ricci,with no time again!
    And Trident always on bottom.
    Maybe the second wave of financial crisis ?


  3. gp2 insider says:

    Interesting news indeed. Highlights the problems even teams like Ocean have as they try to sign up drivers for GP2 Asia. Regarding USF1, well all sorts of rumors are flying around – including the sale of a significant stake in that team. Tough times for F1… and GP2.

  4. gp2 insider says:

    Yes, my friend Nick… quite obvious isn’t it! Ricci seems to be there to avoid the GP2 fine for not fielding 2 cars. Go out, do an installation lap, and come back in…

    Trident, well… more of the same. Buying time until someone buys them.

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