GP2 Paul Ricard Test – Day 1 list

List of drivers at Paul Ricard for Day 1.  Thanks to Alberto Valerio for the info and to Sauber11 for the heads-up.

@PR Day 1

Some comments:

– Not a good sign to see Giacomo Ricci at DPR again… means they were not able to get any “full season” driver in the test seat today

– Arden finally testing Gutierrez… a Telmex driver

-Rookies today are Rozenzweig and Chia Chen (I think he has never tested GP2 Main cars)

-Curious to see how KC does today with Coloni… the veteran of the field (in terms of experience, that is)


6 Responses to GP2 Paul Ricard Test – Day 1 list

  1. haho says:

    Chia Chen will be 5 seconds slower than anyone.
    Also remains perplexing iSport going for Turvey, nowhere near good enough, Valsecchi wil be 3rd year and will not win the title. Also weird Charouz is driving again, he was terrible last time and is just not good enough. How much cash does he have to spend on tests?

  2. AMS says:

    No test for Durango?

  3. ivan says:

    This Charouz testing with ART is weird, there were rumours linking his father’s team with Aston Martin F1 bid.

  4. spudy says:

    Turvey drove from 18th to 8th and finished 4th in the Sprint Race in Abu Dhabi in a car he has never driven and he also missed the test. He has finished runner up in 2 major formulas F3 and F Renault, won Karts and also finsihed 4th this year in his first season in WSR 3.5. I don’t see how anyone could say he is not good enough, we’ll see how he goes with a good team. Also Valsecchi has been driving for Durango most of his GP2 career, hardly a team in which to show his promise. He has stated he didn’nt feel welcome at Barwa and just didn’t fit there so the fact 2010 will be his 3rd year I think is irrelevant given if he does sign with iSport it will be his first time in a race winning team that he feels comfortable in. The same was true of Glock if you remember back in 2006. He was at BCN, a poor team and everyone thought his career was over and he was rubbish. Half way through the season he switched to iSport, finally felt happy and outscored Hamilton in the final half of the season and then won it in 2007.

    If Valsecchi is as quick in the Main Series car as he was in Abu Dhabi I think you may be eating your words about him winning the title. He was stunning in Abu Dhabi regardless of his experience.

  5. Fujer says:

    live timing anyone?

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