Paul Ricard, Day 2 Afternoon session: Razia quickest in session; Jakes keeps top spot for the day

razia top

(c) GPUpdate, Sutton images

A well-deserved top spot for Luiz Razia driving for Barwa Addax today, gradually making his way up the timesheets since yesterday’s morning test. This morning’s fastest runner, Jakes, was second, followed by ART driver Bianchi, a surprising Will Bratt and a stellar da Costa – in his GP2 debut.  Rodríguez, Bird, Turvey also managed to stay in the top 10.

Equally stunning, the 10th place from Vasiliauskas, also trying out GP2 for the first time with Trident.  Disappointing day overall for Leimer, who could not make his DAMS go as well as his Ocean Dallara yesterday.

At the bottom, the usual suspects:  Charouz, Arabadzhiev and Kralev – this last one way off the pace in this session.

Times from

1 – Luiz Razia – Barwa Addax – 1’12″416
2 – James Jakes – Super Nova – 1’12″434
3 – Jules Bianchi – ART – 1’12″451
4 – Will Bratt – PartyPoker Coloni – 1’12″465
5 – Antonio Felix Da Costa – Ocean – 1’12″497
6 – Roldan Rodriguez – Racing Engineering – 1’12″500
7 – Jerome D’Ambrosio – Ocean – 1’12″533
8 – Oliver Turvey – iSport – 1’12″559
9 – Sam Bird – Arden – 1’12″620
10 – Kazimieras Vasiliauskas – Trident – 1’12″664
11 – Christian Vietoris – Barwa Addax – 1’12″743
12 – Marcus Ericsson – Arden – 1’12″806
13 – Giacomo Ricci – DPR – 1’12″885
14 – Alexander Rossi – Piquet GP – 1’12″912
15 – Max Chilton – iSport – 1’12″995
16 – Stefano Coletti – Dams – 1’13″114
17 – Andrea Caldarelli – PartyPoker Coloni – 1’13″123
18 – Fabio Leimer – Dams – 1’13″419
19 – Josef Kral – Super Nova – 1’13″480
20 – Jan Charouz – ART – 1’13″589
21 – Vladimir Arabadhziev – Piquet GP – 1’13″724
22 – Plamen Kralev – Trident – 1’15″076

* As reported previously, times from Michael Herck and Charles Pic have been discarded for the session due to their cars being underweight in scrutineering


10 Responses to Paul Ricard, Day 2 Afternoon session: Razia quickest in session; Jakes keeps top spot for the day

  1. Patrik says:

    ericsson 12th with Arden, going to be interesting seeing him in the Barwa tomorrow 🙂

  2. Patrik says:

    nope no clues But he has now tested for 4 teams

    ART, iSport, Arden and Barwa

    I don’t think there is much secret that Valsecchi’s performance he’ll probably land the drive next to Turvey, and I don’t really feel Arden is good enough and that he shouldn’t be 2nd to Bianchi, so I’m hoping he’ll sign for Barwa and be seated next to Max Chilton

    but it’s all guyessing at this time

    • Patrik says:

      Record is a sideshow paper of Macca in spain, and we all know how often thier informed sources are right, atleatst in football , so I’d take that for a random article for now 😀

  3. Great time from Felix da Costa, he never drove a car like a GP2 and makes the 5th time, i’m impressed.

  4. spudy says:

    VDG is close to signing with Addax as well so I don’t think that leaves Ericsson much hope. Bird is going to ART so that will leave Racing Engineering as an option for him.

    I wonder if iSport will sign Valsecchi or whether they might take a risk with someone like Ericsson. Tough decision.

  5. Robbe says:

    At Barwa there are probably 4 drivers in contention: VDG, Perez, Razia, Chilton. VDG and Perez would be a mega line up but at least I hope they don’t sign Chilton, Razia would be a better option. A pairing of Ericsson and Chilton would be a huge risk.

    I’m sure Racing Engineering will sign at least one experienced driver… I can see them having a driver like Rodriguez, D’Ambrosio, VDG and a rookie like Ericsson, Pic, Vietoris, Leimer.

    Personally I think Bianchi, Leimer and Vietoris are more promising rookies than Ericsson – so I hope they will all be in GP2 so Ericsson can maybe prove me wrong.

  6. haho says:

    Do you know for sure that Van Der Garde is close to signing with Addax? And Bird to ART? How do you know this? Bird is a great driver, but good enough to partner Bianchi? He will fustigate him. iSport should take Valsecchi cause Turvey is already a gamble, and Ericsson is good but unexperienced.

    Anyone know what Racing Engineering will be doing?

  7. haho says:

    Too bad as well, with Leimer and Rossi so promising, that vd Drift is being forgotten. Destroyed everyone in Formula Master in 2008 and was great in lower classes before that. But no budget, which is not a problem for the others.

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