Paul Ricard, Day 3 Afternoon session: Turvey closes out on top

turveyiSport’s Oliver Turvey finished this afternoon’s session first, followed by Stefano Coletti and Sam Bird.  Fastest time for the day still for Jakes this morning and for Michael Herck over the 3 day session.

Times from


 1.  Oliver Turvey           iSport              1m12.565s  12
 2.  Stefano Coletti         DAMS                1m12.766s  20
 3.  Sam Bird                Racing Engineering  1m12.831s  22
 4.  William Bratt           Coloni              1m12.835s  12
 5.  Antonio Felix da Costa  Ocean               1m12.836s  35
 6.  Josef Kral              Super Nova          1m13.003s  21
 7.  Christian Vietoris      Ocean               1m13.048s  16
 8.  Jerome d'Ambrosio       Racing Engineering  1m13.075s  24
 9.  James Jakes             Super Nova          1m13.107s  19
10.  Kazimeras Vasiliauskas  Trident             1m13.137s  33
11.  Esteban Gutierrez       Arden               1m13.196s  22
12.  Michael Herck           DPR                 1m13.259s  27
13.  Marcus Ericsson         Addax               1m13.264s  35
14.  Alexander Rossi         Piquet              1m13.280s  4
15.  Jon Lancaster           DAMS                1m13.334s  10
16.  Roldan Rodriguez        iSport              1m13.400s  36
17.  Max Chilton             Addax               1m13.481s  26
18.  Vladimir Arabadzhiev    Piquet              1m13.634s  31
19.  Andrea Caldarelli       Coloni              1m13.756s  12
20   Charles Pic             ART                 1m13.903s  24
21.  Rodolfo Gonzalez        Trident             1m13.945s  33
22.  Jake Rosenzweig         Arden               1m13.995s  30
23.  Jules Bianchi           ART                 1m15.040s  24
24.  Giacomo Ricci           DPR


2 Responses to Paul Ricard, Day 3 Afternoon session: Turvey closes out on top

  1. Another strong performance by Felix Da Costa

  2. Nick says:

    Amazing Coletti’s chrono !
    Some weight problems or what?…..ouch!!!
    J.Bianchi was drunk today ?😉


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