Paul Ricard tests: Top 10 overall times

Best times from this week’s 3-day test at Paul Ricard:

  • Herck            1:12.271        DPR
  • Jakes             1:12.346       Super Nova
  • Razia             1:12.416        Barwa Addax
  • Jakes             1:12.434        Super Nova
  • Bianchi          1:12.451         ART
  • Bratt               1:12.465        Coloni
  • da Costa         1:12.497        Ocean
  • Rodriguez       1:12.500       Racing Engineering
  • Jakes               1:12.516        Super Nova
  • Razia               1:12.518        Barwa Addax
  • Herck              1:12.523        DPR
  • D’Ambrosio    1:12.533        Ocean

Curious list of drivers and teams in the list.  James Jakes takes 3 of the 10 positions with Super Nova, while Michael Herck was fastes overall, 7 tenths faster than Jakes’ best time.  Razia also did well during the second day of tests with the Barwa car, as did Will Bratt with a Coloni chassis that has proven lighting-fast recently at tests.  Remember this car was in the top spots as well during the Jerez tests with both Valsecchi and Bratt.

Biggest surprise on the list, Portuguese rookie Antonio Felix da Costa with Ocean.  Monteiro may have a future title contender in his hands and will surely be looking to sit him in one of his cars for the upcoming Asia series races in 2010.  As we were all informed, Leimer and Rossi were on a one-race contract with the team, so da Costa may have a shot to get more racing under his belt if a bit of money can be put together.

Other solid runs from Bianchi, with limited testing his car for next season, D’Ambrosio who has already declared he has no funding for 2010, Turvey – just out of the 3-day top-10 in his iSport and Sam Bird during his day with Telmex Arden.

Ericsson was expected to be higher, and posted the 37th best overall time in the test sessions.

Tight test overall, with 49 times set in the 1:12 block and 37 in the 1:13 group.  A total of 103 times were set, so 84% of the times were within this 2-second time band.  Competitive and even-matched, no doubt.


11 Responses to Paul Ricard tests: Top 10 overall times

  1. Diogo Oliveira says:

    OMG Félix da Costa OMG _0_

  2. Patrik says:

    I’ll give you an update on/if Marcus has any reasons behind this slow speed he shown at PR when he does his next blogpost 🙂

  3. Diogo Oliveira says:

    Félix da Costa has now 3 possibilities:

    – F3 Euroseries with Motorpark Academy
    – World Series by Renault with P1 Motorsport
    – GP2 Series with Ocean Racing Technology

    I don’t wanna to happen do Félix da Costa what happend do Michael Ammermuller but it seems that he has really adapted to a GP2 car. I say… make a weekend in GP2 Asia to test and then decide.

    • Nick says:

      On behalf of Felix, only one decision… P1- WS 2010 !!!


      P: M. Ammermuler….disappeared ?

      • gp2 insider says:

        Why WSR, Nick??

        I think that even tough his GP2 test has gone well, it’s no reason to get over eager. Da Costa should do a year of F3 Euroseries – depending on its strength after GP3 shows its cards – and leave GP2 for 2011. As I said in the article, I agree with Diogo and he should try out a couple races in Asia.

        • Robbe says:

          WSR with P1 should be no good idea because the team is owned by Walter Grubmüller and his son will always get #1 material.

  4. sauber11 says:

    No matter how fast Costa is ( by the way , testing times doesnt say much, can give you many examples like Villa dominating there all last season)
    it is big jump from renault 2.0 to gp2.
    I believe one season in gp3 and wsr are better choises, especially with new gp2 car coming in 2011 ( so new drivers will have less disadvantage). And i dont like idea about formula3 and of cource driving for motopark – its a year thrown away ( difference between r2.0 and f3 is just 3-4 seconds a lap).
    But i think its not drivers choise but a sponsors one .

  5. Nick says:

    I agree with Sauber11.
    From F.R. to Gp2, the jump is too big at this time!
    P1 will be a good choice because R. Vincini is REALLY OK and Costa can do his job with the correct pressure!


  6. Diogo Oliveira says:

    I would like to see Félix da Costa going step by step, and that is F3, then WSR and then GP2. That way, he would be totally prepared for GP2 Series.

    It is a big jump from FR2.0 to GP2, but see Alex Rossi’s example. In 2008, he was in Fórmula BMW and now he’s in GP2 Asia, and driving pretty well, actually.

  7. sauber11 says:

    Rossi drove f-master in 2009 , the cars itself 2 seconds faster than f3 and very similar to gp2(thats why Kral,Rossi and Leimer were so fast straight away). Also Alexander will probably do gp3 in 2010 before moving to gp2 ( his own words, gp2 too early).
    If i am not wrong his manager are his family , i mean there is “Team Rossi” logo everywhere. Look his website , team cordinator/principal Dawn\Pieter Rossi

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