Autosport’s Top 10 drivers vs. my Top 10

Just this week, Autosport magazine published its top 10 GP2 drivers of 2009, along with a very lame season summary.  Curious how someone can put in the effort to write about the GP2 races this season and come up so short…

Anyway, here are the Autsport and GP2 insider top 10 lists compared.  A couple notable differences, mainly the inclusion of Perez and higher rankings for Parente and Giedo:

In my opinion, Jerome D’Ambrosio, who had a solid start to the season, was not as strong throughout the year as Giedo, Alvaro and Luca.  Perez was inconsistent, but a clear top driver for the year.  For me a close call between Maldonado and Rigon, only to favor the ART driver due to his race wins.  Pastor’s season was horrible, while Rigon drew maximum advantage from his limited seat time.  Another notable for me is Johnny Cecotto, though his 2009 presence was not enough to have a decent “sample” of his GP2 driving. Let’s see what he does in 2010.


6 Responses to Autosport’s Top 10 drivers vs. my Top 10

  1. Marcin says:

    IMO Perez strongly underrated…

  2. Diogo Oliveira says:

    I agree 100% with GP2 Insider’s table.

  3. Robbe says:

    Not sure about Di Grassi. For sure, he was good, but it was his fourth season…

    Luiz Razia is missing on the notables list I think.

  4. Fletcher says:

    Sad not to see Perez in Autosports top ten as he drove some storming races latter part of the year and but yes first part hurt him as he tried to learn the car and tracks. Next year should see him in the top 3 in the championship

  5. Mekola says:

    Why Grosjean too low? Perhaps because he started to lose the lead slightly before he upgraded to Renault F1?

  6. GhostDog says:

    There’s merit to both lists, although I think it’s curious that you seem to think that someone having a different opinion to you equates to ‘coming up short’. Agree that Perez should have been considered for Autosport’s list – in terms of talent he’s one of the standouts of the grid. It’s interesting to compare him to the other rookies – van der Garde started horribly as well, but turned things around in a way that Sergio didn’t.

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