GP2 drivers at Jerez F1 test

Not a wonderful sample of GP2 drivers at this week’s F1 young driver test.

In total, 2 drivers from GP2’s past (Soucek, Conway), 2 drivers from the 2009 season (Di Grassi, Hulkenberg) and 3 future GP2 drivers (Bianchi, Ericsson, Turvey).

Not entirely surprising due to :

1. The heavy presence of drivers from Red Bull: Bortolotti, Ricciardo, Hartley.  As I have written in previous posts, the Austrian energy drink maker, led with an iron fist by Dr. Marko,  has lately shunned GP2.

2.”Gift” drives for series winners:

  • Rossi/Gutierrez (Formula BMW)  with BMW Sauber
  • Baguette (WSR)  with Renault F1
  • Zampieri/Zipoli/Sanchez (F3 Italia)  with Ferrari
  • Soucek (F2) with Williams
  • Turvey (McLaren Autosport award) with McLaren Mercedes

3. Throw in a paid drive here and there (Ho Pin Tung!, JR Hildebrand?) and there you have a test day lineup.

The only “real” test here is for Hulkenberg, Bianchi, Ericsson, DiResta and DiGrassi.

All in all, though, can’t say I’m not disappointed to not see guys like Giedo van der Garde, Vitaly Petrov, Sergio Perez, Alvaro Parente, Pastor Maldonado or Davide Valsecchi driving in at least one of these 3 days.  Half-assed solution to the lack of testing for F1 teams, though the FIA is not entirely to blame here.


5 Responses to GP2 drivers at Jerez F1 test

  1. sauber11 says:
    Oliver Turvey 3 days alongside Paffet at mclaren.

    And Ho Pin Tung also former gp2 driver and he wasnt much slower than Conway in 2008.
    Rossi is serching budget for gp2 and i believe he will find it. Guttierez\Zampieri maybe also,
    so i would call them future gp2 drivers.(Rossi had more testing gp2 days than Ericsson and Bianchi , also he will finish gp2-asia season unlike most of the others drivers).
    And finally Alexander has small chances to make formula1 debut in 2010 , it should also counts.
    He prepared for this tests very hard ,they means
    too much for him.

  2. haho says:

    Does anyone else feel that ART are running a huge risk with two rookies? Look at Arden in 2007, with Senna and Zaugg, or in 2008 with Buemi and Buurman: the talent was there, but no experience, with setups and whatnot. I feel they may get some problems with that, this time round.

  3. spudy says:

    I’m not suprised van der Garde has no test, I have it from reliable sources that he is not too well favoured in general due to legal disputes and his difficult nature to work with when things are not going so well. I am suprised not to see Parente or Petrov though but I guess that is because they are being linked with the new teams which will not be running at this test.

    • haho says:

      Well, he did make the stupid mistake of paying millions of Marcel Boekhoorn’s money to he Super Aguri’s test driver, and then got suckered in to doing the same with the Spyker debacle, which was just idiotic. The case lasted months, and he was just regarded as an idiot. Since then he has won the WSR, and impressed in GP2 and F1 tests last year, and as far as I heard, he is well regarded on talent. No doubt the teams remember his horrific idiocy with the testdriver nonsense but he has tested for Renault and impressed, has driven and been signed by top teams and again this year. I spoke some engineers from P1 respectively iSport recently for an article I was doing, and both thought he was excellent, and very easy going as a person… Did you not read the GP2 Insider teammate thing with him and Nunes? They are very well-liked, and I heard he was easy to work with but off course a perfectionist. He is a tad old to be an up and coming talent but defo still one of the fastest drivers in GP2. Renault were very impressed after last years test and I really doubt if any of their testers can do the same. You seem not to like him that much, for your info on ‘his difficult’ nature conflicts with my info. Though, I will admit, he was very hard on iSport last year when things went wrong, but he was right: they went his direction and he won three races and was a front-runner… so perhaps he was right?

  4. monegasque says:

    I propose a new poll, after the end of Jerez F1 rookie test : Who will be the new rising star ?

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