Agag completes his lineup

The Barwa Addax team has closed its very strong 2010 lineup with the confirmation of Sergio Perez, who with Giedo van der Garde will form a formidable duo for next year’s GP2 season.

With Giedo and Sergio, Team Principal Alejandro Agag will have 2 of the top rookies of the 2009 season, who will no doubt be accompanied with some decent cash to back their efforts.  Sergio will continue with his Telmex cash up front, while I assume Giedo will still have some McGregor fashion money behind him (some of you may have better info than me… Haho?).

Though the Bianchi-Bird is a good rookie combo, the Perez-van der Garde team definitely puts on track a stronger team effort.  We await confirmations from the other top teams.  Who will partner Turvey at iSport (Valsecchi or Ericsson) and who will drive the Racing Engineering cars (Rodríguez, d’Ambrosio)?


17 Responses to Agag completes his lineup

  1. Fujer says:

    I sure hope to see Ericcson at iSports but thats just a dream from a fellow swede ;D But i think Valsecchi will get the second iSport seat based on his Abu dhabi performance and the fact that Ericsson wasnt that impressive in Abu dhabi and the last test at Paul ricard. That said tough i belive Ericsson will be i GP2 next year and he will be super fast also. He is still only 19 years old so he will become better every year as he gains more experiance.

    Also Barwa lineup is going to be intersting to follow. Bianchi will have his hand full =)

  2. haho says:

    Vd Garde has as partners:

    McGregor (same amount as last year, who knows more)
    Voice Trust
    Bert Stemerink (car dealership)
    and ThinQ.

    I think he will get the same amounts as last year, though I doubt he has to pay as much (I would suspect that Perez with his Telmex money is the more paying of the drivers) And undoubtedly he is still searching for extra partners, just to be comfortable. But he signed a contract rather quickly, so I think his finances are very good.

    He has a billionaire father-in-law, which helps if one of the sponsors quits.

    Must agree the Addax line-up seems by far the strongest. Maybe Bianchi is better than either of them, but Bird… I have sincere doubts. Vd Garde for champion?

  3. fletcher says:

    Perez should be in the top 3 if not win the championship for 2010

  4. Go_For_Pole says:

    i wonder where Vietoris will land

  5. sauber11 says:

    Vietoris managed by Gravity so i would say he stays at DAMS.

  6. Marcin says:

    IMO Bird made mistake, and although ART’s line up looks promising in 2011, but no in 2010. Addax is definitely the strongest line up in GP2, IMO vd Garde and Perez should both fight for title, my money is on Perez though.

  7. spudy says:

    I think Perez will be very fast and as VDG had a slow team mate this year he may struggle with a strong team mate like Perez. Bianchi will beat Bird. I have heard iSport will let Ericsson do his rookie year with someone else with the view to him joining the team in 2011 so I would think they will go with Valsecchi.

    • Fujer says:

      hmm i wounder where that places Ericsson then. Maybe Arden would be a nice fit for his rookie season.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Let’s not forget that iSport is a business and Valsecchi has no money. I think Ericsson will go where is sponsors/backers decide. If their best chance of having some return is at iSport, that’s where Marcus will go. Should they decide for a lower profile, maybe a top team such as Racing Engineering, Arden or SuperNova could be decent options.

  8. spudy says:

    What makes you think Valsecchi doesn’t have money? I think you’ll find he does. And what makes you think iSport couldn’t afford to run someone cheap, they did with Timo Glock. Everything points to Valsecchi joining iSport and Ericsson looks set for Arden or Super Nova.

    • gp2 insider says:

      No need to get upset spudy! Just my opinion, like everyone elses! My opinion is that Valsecchi doesn’t have a full budget, though you clearly have better information than me from iSport! If you push so hard for this option, clearly Davide will end up with Jackson’s team… a great decision for sure.

  9. spudy says:

    Not getting upset, just a big fan of Valsecchi, I hope he gets the drive, I don’t have any info from iSport, I wish I did! Where do you get your info about the financial stuff? Just curious as to how accurate it is. If it is true then it would be a shame for Valsecchi if he doesn’t have the budget.

    • gp2 insider says:

      My info comes from a “reliable source”…. but it is based on the 2009 season. My only question would be, if Valsecchi had the budget, why did he race for Durango? Not my choice if I had €1 million-plus for a GP2 season!

      I agree with you that he’s a good driver and wish him the best. Any idea if he’s still an RDD driver? (assuming RDD still exists)!

  10. ivan says:

    Hey, don’t forget about Mortara 😉
    He’s got Macau, battling with Signature against Hulkenberg in ART for F3ES title and he won in his 1st weekend in GP2, got podium in his 1st GP2 Asia as well.
    His reputation suffered late last season, but it’s the same driver who was leading F3ES with Signature-VW!

  11. spudy says:

    I don’t know RDD seems to be on hold.

  12. Rob says:

    Valsecchi might not have a lot of things, but money is not something he’s missing. Neither is a contract is 2010.

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