Bruno’s comments

Bruno Michel’s comments to Autosport this past weekend have struck me as very negative for the category.

First, he unilaterally declares that Durango will not be in GP2 for 2010.  We all know Pinton’s team has serious problems, but I would assume an official communication from him or GP2 should be the one to inform us of their absence next season.

Second, Michel destroys any possible interest in joining GP2 in 2010, with such infantile and unprofessional comments as “it wouldn’t be worth any team joining for one year.”  What??  I actually had to re-read this several times to make sure I wasn’t misinterpreting his remarks!  What series boss, especially one owned by a private equity fund, could dare make these remarks!

Then, he goes on to say it “wouldn’t be fair” to other teams to guarantee any new entrant a 2011 slot.  What really wouldn’t be fair is to destroy the category, Bruno!

Seriously, if I was the fund manager in charge of GP2, I would heavily question the preparation, capacity and overall ability of Mr. Michel in running this category.   As a friend put it in an email to me this weekend, why don’t teams rebel against this sort of leadership, that is ultimately threatening their business?  Clearly, some other interests must be in the way, or else this gentleman’s role should be under serious scrutiny.  Just my opinion….


8 Responses to Bruno’s comments

  1. fletcher says:

    I agree with you completely. His remarks were harmful and totally out of line. Teams should elect a new chief cause this one doesn’t have a clue how to improve it.

  2. Nick says:

    Only one word: SHAME! Gp2 is an unbelievable situation.


  3. spudy says:

    Bruno’s comments make perfect sense actually. There is a 3 year entry to GP2 and this will be up for all teams to re-apply for after 2010. Any team taking Durango’s slot would not be able to be guaranteed entry after 2010 they would have to apply like everyone else. So to purchase Durango’s cars, paint them and set up the GP2 operation would be pointless business wise. You don’t have any idea the effort it takes to set up an operation like a GP2 team so at this short notice and for only 1 year in this financial climate it would make no sense for a team to take over Durango’s cars for just 1 season. Better to invite Carlin and all the other teams that want in to apply for the slots after 2010 so that GP2 has a stable future from 2011.

  4. Rob says:

    I’m not sure what you think is so wrong in what he said. Obviously Durango can’t afford to compete given the massive tax bill they ‘allegedly’ have hanging over them, along with the comprehensive legal disputes outstanding in Italy: given the extensive problems at Durango GP2 can hardly be seen to be giving them a safe haven, as doing so could bring the series and the other teams into disrepute, as well as potential legal problems of their own.

    And as for filling the spot left by Durango, he’s probably right there too: any team wanting to join the championship would need to know they have a guarantee of more than one year in the series for financial reasons, but he can’t commit to that given that all of the existing teams will be applying for the next 3 year period later this year. How could he reward a team that has never been a part of the series’ history ahead of iSport, ART and the rest? Doing so would truly be a scandal.

  5. Hannah Banana says:

    Rob and Spudy said it all. Your hatred of Michel once again led you to misinterpret his words and intentions. But you are of course completely entitled to your opinions and it’s actually good fun to read about them!
    I believe that what has been said in Autosport is a smart and fair move for GP2 and very respectful of the teams and their future. Now, that the Series chose to not communicate about it is another story – and I agree with you on some level.

    Oh, and congratulations to Di Grassi – another GP2 graduate in F1!

  6. GhostDog says:

    I’m with Spudy and Rob on this one. Actually, it strikes me as kind of funny that people expect everything to be publicised via an ‘official communication’. Perhaps the Durango thing came out in Autosport because they did what they’re meant to do as journalists and asked him the questions?

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