Parente-Razia: Manor GP2 junior team in the works?

With this mornings announcement of both Alvaro Parente and Luiz Razia as Manor GP’s test drivers for 2010 season, it seems certain that both of them will be contesting the GP2 series next season.  Long gone are the days that an F1 tester had a full-time job, even less in a team with a declared budget of €45 million for next year.

As Hulkenberg, Kobayashi and Grosjean proved last season, an F1 reserve driver can also be a full-time GP2 driver, and I would venture to say that both Parente and Razia will follow this route.

My only question now is if this partnership will point towards a Manor GP2 junior team, with the Portuguese and Brazilian at the wheel. With rumors of Parente going to Racing Engineering (thanks sauber11!), Razia could follow and create a pretty strong team for Alfonso de Orleans.    Even with Manor’s limited budget, it wouldn’t take much to sit these 2 drivers in the RE cars, if you factor in personal sponsorship deals and the overall look & feel of an F1 junior team – so popular earlier this decade in the F3000 years.


8 Responses to Parente-Razia: Manor GP2 junior team in the works?

  1. spudy says:

    I don’t think so. Parente and Razia especially got testing roles based on money! They paid for it. No way is their appointment at virgin any reflection on junior plans. If Manor did have some junior plans I doubt they would pick Razia who has no junior success in his career to date. I think Parente is a pretty good driver and would do well in F1 plus he is also a top bloke. I would think Parente is the future talent and Razia is only money. Branson is a smart guy and he will want to put in as little Virgin money as possible.

  2. Diogo Oliveira says:

    Álvaro Parente might go to Racing Engineering to be Dani Clos’ team mate.

  3. Dani Clos is a fix driver for Racing Engineering. No way for Razia.

  4. spudy says:

    I hear Parente will be driving with a ‘top’ team in GP2 next year, Addax and ART are full so maybe RE or iSport as a suprise?

    • Diogo Oliveira says:

      Virgin will help Parente to garantee a place in one of the bigest spots, not that he needs help.

      • gp2 insider says:

        Everyone needs a bit of help… even an outstanding talent like Alvaro. By the comments seen here and in a couple other places, iSport seems like the likely destination for Alvaro.

  5. Rob says:

    Virgin make no mention of Razia on their website or in any of their releases, so I don’t know if there is an actual tie-in: the photos are the only connection to him, and they almost looked as though he came with a mate and then followed him up on stage, and no one had the heart to tell him he shouldn’t be there…

  6. spudy says:

    that would be great if Alvaro did go to iSport but I still think Valsecchi will be driving for them next year.

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