So, who’s left out there?

With 11 spots still to fill in the 2010 GP2 grid, maybe we can have a bit of fun playing with the silly season rumors.

First, 2009 GP2 drivers still unsigned and may still be running GP2 next year:

  • Alvaro Parente
  • Luiz Razia
  • Luca Filippi
  • Edoardo Mortara
  • Roldán Rodríguez
  • Dani Clos (close to honoring his 2-year contract with Racing Eng…enough budget?)
  • Diego Nunes
  • Jerome D’Ambrosio (is Gravity over?)
  • Johnny Cecotto

Second, the new guys in GP2

  • Christian Vietoris (same Gravity question…)
  • James Jakes (finally?)
  • Bertrand Baguette
  • Other WSR grads?
  • All the lesser known guys who tested… who will put together the money?

The race is on for the 2 Racing Engineering seats, though I hear 1 is pretty much a done deal with Clos.  After that… a run for the “GP2 survivors” and the “GP2 backmarkers”.


Comparing Top 10 driver lists

A couple months ago I compared Autosport’s Top-10 list with mine.  Now we can compare both to the one just published by Italiaracing.

Some agreement on the top drivers with Italiaracing, though I think they have ranked Parente a bit too low and Maldonado a bit too high.  Mortara makes their list, surely some national bias there!   Also, they seem to think D’Ambrosio had a crappy 2009 season… not sure Autosport and I agree on that one.

The rush begins… Pic picks Arden

With Super Nova, Barwa, ART, Ocean and iSport now showing a “no vacancy” sign, the rush is on to fill up the spots remaining in the top teams in GP2 for 2010.

Charles Pic, signing for Arden yesterday, has moved early in this pre-season rush towards Horner’s team, Racing Engineering and DAMS – the “good” teams remaining with available rides for this season.  By the way, Italiaracing reports that Pic, as well as Sorensen and Valsecchi, is now RDD-less as the new Renault team led by Genii Capital has shut down the junior driver operations.

The next couple of weeks will be interesting, and I would love to see the emails coming into Alfonso de Orleans’ inbox…. as most drivers will be keen to get into his cars.

Ericsson settles for Super Nova

Sorry for the delay getting back on the blog…

Apart from the wonderful images of Michael Schumacher in a GP2 development car at Jerez, the new year has brought us the confirmation of David Sears’ 2 drivers for 2010.   Nice rookie lineup for Super Nova, especially when considering Ericsson is probably one of the favorites for 2010 along with Bianchi. Perez and Giedo.

Not that Super Nova is not a great team with a solid racing history, but I can’t say it doesn’t surprise me to see Marcus in this car.  Given that Super Nova has failed to put in a stellar season yet in GP2 – 6 total wins since 2005 and half of them from 1 driver (Adam Carroll) – it is a risky bet from Ericsson and his backers, to say the least.

Other options?  Only Racing Engineering was still vacant, so I assume Marcus and his team made a controlled decision.   Question then is, why did they take so long?  Maybe some of you Swedish readers can give us some insight on that one…  All in all, Ericsson will be contending for wins in 2010.