Ericsson settles for Super Nova

Sorry for the delay getting back on the blog…

Apart from the wonderful images of Michael Schumacher in a GP2 development car at Jerez, the new year has brought us the confirmation of David Sears’ 2 drivers for 2010.   Nice rookie lineup for Super Nova, especially when considering Ericsson is probably one of the favorites for 2010 along with Bianchi. Perez and Giedo.

Not that Super Nova is not a great team with a solid racing history, but I can’t say it doesn’t surprise me to see Marcus in this car.  Given that Super Nova has failed to put in a stellar season yet in GP2 – 6 total wins since 2005 and half of them from 1 driver (Adam Carroll) – it is a risky bet from Ericsson and his backers, to say the least.

Other options?  Only Racing Engineering was still vacant, so I assume Marcus and his team made a controlled decision.   Question then is, why did they take so long?  Maybe some of you Swedish readers can give us some insight on that one…  All in all, Ericsson will be contending for wins in 2010.


5 Responses to Ericsson settles for Super Nova

  1. Fujer says:

    they were prbly gunning for the iSport seat and when he didnt get that it was prbly down to Super nova or Arden. They prbly settled for super nova becuse his mentor kenny brack drove for them in his F3000 carrer. Even if he will drive for Super Nova he will show just how fast he really is.

  2. haho says:

    Questioning your comment there. Why is Ericsson one of the favourites? He is a rookie, not of the same pedigree as Bianchi and has not got as much European experience as other drivers, because of his English and Japanese career. I do not see him as a favourite even with a ART or Barwa car. I really like him as a driver, and a person, but maybe a contender second year. Not now.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Fair enough, and 2011 may be his year after all. Maybe Top 5 driver would be a better categorization for Marcus in 2010?

      • Fujer says:

        yeah i dont think he will be fighting for the championship his first season but he will surely be very very fast. as you said a top 5 place in the championship and i think he will have done a good season.

  3. spudy says:

    Do you not think it is worth starting a topic on the Schumacher test? It was clear it was not the GP2 development car, you could see super nova colours in the you tube footage it was their car dressed up as the development car. Plus it was their mechanics and engineers. This can’t be fair on the other teams, I wonder if any made complaints. Anyone heard anything?

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