Comparing Top 10 driver lists

A couple months ago I compared Autosport’s Top-10 list with mine.  Now we can compare both to the one just published by Italiaracing.

Some agreement on the top drivers with Italiaracing, though I think they have ranked Parente a bit too low and Maldonado a bit too high.  Mortara makes their list, surely some national bias there!   Also, they seem to think D’Ambrosio had a crappy 2009 season… not sure Autosport and I agree on that one.


3 Responses to Comparing Top 10 driver lists

  1. Diogo Oliveira says:

    By the way, this is 16 Valvulas’ Top 10 Drivers list:

    1ºNico Hulkenberg
    2ºVitaly Petrov
    3ºLucas di Grassi
    4ºGiedo van der Garde
    5ºÁlvaro Parente
    6ºLuca Filippi
    7ºRomain Grosjean
    8ºSergio Perez
    9ºJerôme D’Ambrosio
    10ºPastor Maldonado


    Javier Villa, Luiz Razia, Davide Rigon and Johnny Cecotto Jr.

  2. Fletcher says:

    Even though van der Garde scored wins, I still rate Perez as a better driver. We shall see when the season starts which teammate is quicker but my money is on Perez

  3. André Santos says:

    I still think that a car with good Alvaro Parente would fight for title…that seat left at Racing Engeneering would be perfect…let’s see what happens. Regards

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