The rush begins… Pic picks Arden

With Super Nova, Barwa, ART, Ocean and iSport now showing a “no vacancy” sign, the rush is on to fill up the spots remaining in the top teams in GP2 for 2010.

Charles Pic, signing for Arden yesterday, has moved early in this pre-season rush towards Horner’s team, Racing Engineering and DAMS – the “good” teams remaining with available rides for this season.  By the way, Italiaracing reports that Pic, as well as Sorensen and Valsecchi, is now RDD-less as the new Renault team led by Genii Capital has shut down the junior driver operations.

The next couple of weeks will be interesting, and I would love to see the emails coming into Alfonso de Orleans’ inbox…. as most drivers will be keen to get into his cars.


4 Responses to The rush begins… Pic picks Arden

  1. Fletcher says:

    Razia will sign for Rapax

  2. Patrik says:

    who doesn’t have a ride that was in GP2 last season?

    Nunes,Mortara,Villa,d’ambrosio,Hereck,Texiera, Rigon, Valerio.

    so where/if will they be?

    Mortara to Arden?
    D’ambrosio to sit next to Clos at RE?
    Hereck at DPR?

  3. Patrik says:

    Verlio is signed by Coloni

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