Gravity storms GP2… and brings the “junior team” back

With the announcement of 3 Gravity drivers signing GP2 contracts in one day, the management company led by Gerard Lopez and Genii Capital is making lots of noise in the top ranks of the racing world.

Jerome D’Ambrosio, long-time GP2 veteran, and Ho-Pin Tung, failed GP2 grad, will be racing with the French DAMS team in what can truly be considered the first F1 junior team since the F3000 era.  Additionally, F3 top-runner Christian Vietoris has signed to race in one of the highly-coveted seats at Racing Engineering.  One seat left, presumably for Dani Clos, assuming he can come up with the cash to honor his budget.

Gravity’s presence in GP2 is not new, but the outward link with their newly-acquired F1 team is clearly a statement of intent.  The synergies between GP2 and F1 have been more than obvious since the inaugural 2005 season, but Renault/Genii/Gravity is the first to make the link visible, clear and direct.  While teams such as Red Bull, McLaren, Honda, Toyota and the previous Renault have used teams on and off to place their young drivers, no one had done it like this.

Let’s only hope this bold move spurs other F1 teams to take similar action, reviving the concept which was commonplace in the late 90s – with teams such as the Williams Junior Team (Petrobras), Prost Junior Team (Galoises), European Arrows and the Durango Benetton Junior team.  It would provide a much needed injection of energy and interest, especially in this very critical 2010 season.


8 Responses to Gravity storms GP2… and brings the “junior team” back

  1. André Santos says:

    Does anybody knows which team will Alvaro Parente be representing next season?

  2. Diogo Oliveira says:

    I sure hope Alvaro Parente goes to Racing Engineering… If so, he should be the nº1 candidate to win the title.

    • gp2 insider says:

      If my sources are correct, Dani Clos has the budget to honor the 2-year contract with RE that he signed last year. If so, where could Alvaro go?? Do you know what’s taking so long?

      • Diogo Oliveira says:

        Yep… a promised portuguese government sponsorship isn’t going to happend. This will have really bad consequences… If all is going to plan, you’ll have news about Alvaro in the next two or three days, max.

      • André Santos says:

        If so why is Dani Clo’s annoucement taking so many time too? Maybe one thing depends on another…? Perhaps Álvaro is RE first choice, but if the sponsership deal doesn’t end well, Dani will be appointed…this one is taking so long. Just watched Virgin F1 presentation video and Álvaro wasn’t there too…is this a bad signal? Hope no…for the good of GP2 Series and the future of F1

  3. André Santos says:

    But isn’t that seat practecly reserved for Dani Clos? If that happens, i can’t see Alvaro in any other team as the rest of them are not competitive enough to fight for the title…

  4. Patrik says:

    Maybe Alvario signs up for the 2nd seat at Arden?

    among the teams left that’s probably the best spot.

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