Pic takes suprising Abu Dhabi pole

Arden’s Charles Pic (ex-RDD driver) took a suprise pole today at Abu Dhabi, in qualifying for tomorrow’s feature race.  Reports indicate that Luca Filippi was on track to be on top and repeat his free practice pole, but his Meritus Dallara stopped on track during the session.  Davide Valsecchi was able to stay up in the timesheets, topped only by Pic and team mate Oliver Turvey.  Rookie Jules Bianchi closes out the second row, while his ART team mate was not able to stay within the top five, finishing 6th.

Arden closed out a good day overall, with GP2 veteran Javi Villa taking a 5th place grid spot.  The Barwa duo, probably a bit lower than expeced, with  Perez 10th and Giedo 12th.

Surprising qualifying from Alexander Rossi, switching to Meritus for this weekend, but his time was disallowed as he was found to be underweight, and will be pushed from 5th down to the last spot.  Also surprising were Giacomo Ricci, 8th – usually at the back of the field with his DPR – and Arabadzhiev, placing his Rapax (ex-Piquet GP) car in 14th, ahead of higher-rated drivers like Dani Clos Ericsson and F3000 champ Will Bratt. Alberto Valerio was not able to take place in qualifying, after his practice shunt.

What looked like a good day for GP2-Asia only team Meritus has turned into a terrible weekend, with both cars towards the rear.  The team will be hard-pressed to fight for any points this weekend, and Filipi will see his strong championship position challenged, as current rival Valsecchi is solidly at the top of the grid.

Times from Autosport:

1.  Charles Pic           Arden       1m52.497s
 2.  Oliver Turvey         iSport      1m52.517s
 3.  Davide Valsecchi      iSport      1m52.603s
 4.  Jules Bianchi         ART         1m52.842s
 5.  Javier Villa          Arden       1m52.979s
 6.  Sam Bird              ART         1m53.003s
 7.  Edoardo Piscopo       DAMS        1m53.086s
 8.  Giacomo Ricci         DPR         1m53.134s
9.  Christian Vietoris    DAMS        1m53.183s
10.  Sergio Perez          Addax       1m53.407s
11.  Daniel Zampieri       Rapax       1m53.491s
12.  Giedo van der Garde   Addax       1m53.509s
13.  Fabio Leimer          Ocean       1m53.611s
14.  Josef Kral            Super Nova  1m53.685s
15.  Vladimir Arabadzhiev  Rapax       1m53.687s
16.  Dani Clos             Trident     1m53.982s
17.  Max Chilton           Ocean       1m54.036s
18.  Michael Herck         DPR         1m54.074s
19.  Luca Filippi          Meritus     1m54.121s
20.  Marcus Ericsson       Super Nova  1m54.723s
21.  Plamen Kralev         Trident     1m58.274s
22.  Will Bratt            Coloni      2m02.517s
23.  Alberto Valerio       Coloni
24.  Alexander Rossi       Meritus     time disallowed

14 Responses to Pic takes suprising Abu Dhabi pole

  1. Fujer says:

    Ericsson had a throttle problem thats probly why he was so much of pace. without it he should atleast have been on pair with Kral

  2. gp2 insider says:

    Pity for Marcus. Everyone is expecting the big showdown with Bianchi, and his Super Nova let him down. Will be tough to get up from 21st to challenge for points, even if it’s the feature race. Same goes for Filippi and Bratt…

  3. Patrik says:

    Revised grid:

    Rossi disqualfied for technical infringtion (to the back of the pack)
    Fillipi get 5 places for Causing an avoidable collision with Turvey during FP.

  4. Patrik says:

    also Bratt is likely to be unclassified as he is outside of 107% of leader time

  5. Spudy says:

    Great performance by iSport a real statement of how strong they could be this year. ART could feature. I would think Valsecchi will have the measure at this point on the less expereinced Turvey and Pic during the race but lets see. Can’t wait to see the race!

  6. haho says:

    Imo this is totally irrelevant. Last year the Asia Series was no indication and this year that will be the same. Addax has the bad car here, so they will not impress. Turvey was crap in training and now is super fast. Weird. I will not be drawing any conclusions, especially as they use different cars.

  7. spudy says:

    erm haho I don’t think its a fair comment to say Turvey was crap. Kralev is crap. Had VDG put it on pole yesterday I think you would not have the opinion that Asia is irrelevant but he didn’t. I think the most interesting thing is, is that VDG drove the exact same car as Turvey and Valsecchi are driving and he did not show anything like the speed they are. What does that say!

    • Fujer says:

      well isnt asia series using old spec gp2 car? if that so then VDG didnt drive the same car that Turvey and Valsecchi is driving.

  8. spudy says:

    Also I think Asia was an indication last year as the few races Hulkenberg did race in he was in a class of his own.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Agree completely. One thing is to dislike the GP2 Asia concept (as is my case), but another is to discredit the work the drivers put in. No matter what, they are racing, and even if this is not F1, you still have to go out, drive your ass off and put the car up on the grid.

      Turvey is not crap.. maybe the effort the other teams put in is, which if it’s the case, I would seriously wonder as a driver what the heck I’m doing there anyway. GP2 Asia is there for the taking, if Barwa or ART don’t “want it” more power and merit to the teams that do.

      • spudy says:

        I’m sure Barwa and all the teams want to win, its a lot of money and a long way to go to not bother with it. I’m sure they are all trying.

  9. haho says:

    I do not say they are not trying. That would be ridiculous. But we all now the Addax cars (among others) are not as good in the Asia Series as in the real series. Besides, I feel that a dirty, new (for most) track is not a good thing to determine form and pace on. That is just me, and not because I am partizan (which I am ) towards VDG.

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