iSport 1-2 with Turvey and Valsecchi

Turvey took a commanding win at Abu Dhabi, followed by Valsecchi, Bianchi, Villa, Ricci, Rossi, Herck and Chilton.

Great start from the iSport duo, taking the lead from Pic, who held on well for 3rd until his pitstop.  Terribly slow stop from Pic, very tentative reaching his crew, coming out 4th after Javi Villa.  Bianchi took Villa and kept 3rd for the rest of the race.  Wonderful fight between Van der Garde and Rossi, with clean racing and strong challenges from the future GP3 racer, with the position finally taken by the American after Giedo’s car turned the wrong way on braking for a corner.   Ericsson was close behind, gradually caught by Michael Herck after going wide several times on the asphalt run-offs.  The fight for 8th ended badly, with Herck punting Ericsson out after a chicane overtaking maneuver.  Filippi was in for a strong 4th, stopped only by what seemed like Mecachrome engine problems.

All in all, wonderful race for iSport, impressive GP2 debut for Bianchi, incredible performance by the Meritus team coming from behind and a never-before-seen effort from Giacomo Ricci.  Surprisingly, both DPR’s in the points, with Herck scoring his first points ever in GP2… that is if he’s not penalized for the Ericsson incident.

Great race today, should be another great one tomorrow.

Times from Italiaracing:

1 – Oliver Turvey – iSport – 33 laps 1’04’55″310
2 – Davide Valsecchi – iSport – 0″618
3 – Jules Bianchi – ART – 2″589
4 – Javier Villa – Arden – 7″372
5 – Giacomo Ricci – DPR – 10″559
6 – Alexander Rossi – Meritus – 13″718
7 – Michael Herck – DPR – 19″800
8 – Max Chilton – Ocean – 24″395
9 – Josef Kral – Super Nova – 27″457
10 – Charles Pic – Arden – 33″726
11 – Will Bratt – Coloni –  34″300
12 – Sergio Perez – Addax – 26″285 

13 – Vlaimir Arabadzhiev – Rapax – 65″390
14 – Luca Filippi – Meritus – 1 lap
15 – Alberto Valerio – Coloni – 1 lap
16 – Plamen Kralev – Trident – 1 lap

Fastest lap: Vladimir Arabadzhiev – 1’51″872

lap 30 – Marcus Ericsson
lap 28 – Fabio Leimer
lap 26 – Giedo Van Der Garde
lap 24 – Daniel Zampieri
lap 10 – Dani Clos
lap8 – Christian Vietoris
lap 5 – Sam Bird
lap 1 – Edoardo Piscopo


5 Responses to iSport 1-2 with Turvey and Valsecchi

  1. Patrik says:

    so sad on Ericsson.

    I think Herck has to take the blame, he didn’t leave space for Marcus in the corner as said in the new rules.

    • Fujer says:

      agree.. Good race from Marcus tough up to that incident. If they both had come out of that clash with no damage to the car they both would have been top 8 but thats racing.

  2. haho says:

    Don’t know if anyone cares or not, but the VDG accident was because of faulty brakes, something he had been struggling with all weekend.

  3. Fujer says:

    Bianchi was a beast today! awesome drive..

  4. Spudy says:

    Bianchi was great to watch, he is definately going to feature this year, ART are so strong. Valsecchi was mega as well. If the two iSport guys can translate this to the main series cars then iSport should have a good year. VDG had a shocker. What is his excuse this weekend, let me guess, there was a problem with the car? He said that in Asia last year about the iSport car, the same cars which just thrashed everyone this weekend, again!

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