Valsecchi wins as DPR storms the podium

Incredible weekend for André Herck’s DPR team, yesterday solidly in the points and today with both Michael and Ricci on the podium. Solid race from Valsecchi, now clearly in route to the GP2 Asia title.

1 – Davide Valsecchi – iSport – 21 laps 41’00″566
2 – Michael Herck – DPR – 1″969
3 – Giacomo Ricci – DPR – 4″227
4 – Sergio Perez – Addax – 11″618.
5 – Oliver Turvey – iSport – 12″235
6 – Max Chilton – Ocean – 19″619
7 – Jules Bianchi – ART – 20″018
8 – Charles Pic – Arden – 20″686
9 – Alexandre Rossi – Meritus – 26″380.
10 – Vlaimir Arabadzhiev – Rapax – 27″038
11 – Javier Villa – Arden – 27″400
12 – Marcus Ericsson – Super Nova – 28″307
13 – Dani Clos – Trident – 29″574
14 – Christian Vietoris – Dams – 30″993
15 – Daniel Zampieri – Rapax – 31″691
16 – Edoardo Piscopo – Dams – 32″213
17 – Luca Filippi – Meritus – 34″854
18 – Alberto Valerio – Coloni – 39″649
19 – Giedo Van Der Garde – Addax – 63″697
20 – Plamen Kralev – Trident – 67″219

Fastest lap: Davide Valsecchi 1’52″061

Will Bratt
Fabio Leimer
Josef Kral
Sam Bird

With this win, Valsecchi is 19 points clear of iSport teammate Oliver Turvey, and 25 points ahead of Alexander Rossi.  Filippi, closest rival after the first race went home with zero points this weekend, after both mechanical problems and run-ins while battling his way up from a terrible qualifying session.    The race seems to be an iSport battle, ahead of the next race in Bahrain later this month.

Other relevant highlights include the continued terrible streak for Sam Bird in GP2.   After showing well in free practice and qualifying, Bird was once again unable to rack up any points.   His teammate Bianchi had a difficult sprint race, but showed pace and aggressiveness towards the end.


5 Responses to Valsecchi wins as DPR storms the podium

  1. DPR… David Price Rules! Fantastic result for DPR! 😀

    • gp2 insider says:

      Where is our long lost friend Francois when things are looking up?? Where are you… now would be a good tiem to chip in with your DPR-ish insight!

  2. Fujer says:

    Ericsson had his throttle problem all weekend so he couldnt do much more then what he did.

  3. patrik says:

    Well from a swedish point of view, Ericsson did well, he avoided collisions in the early stages, he was at the curb atthe herckincident and it seems FIA stewards don’t read thier own rules! it happened between Hamilton and Räikönnen. the rules clearly state your not allowed to impend a legal takeover manuever. Ericsson and Herck was side by side and should leave eachother space, Marcus did in the first braking then Herck just shoved Marcus of the track in turn 2.

    as a Clerc of the course in sweden it disgust me when you even have television cameras and can’t make the right calls.

    anyhow on total it was a great weekend lots of racing.

    we’ll probably see more confirmations for main series soon.

  4. spudy says:

    Parente out of GP2 and Virgin F1. His sponsors pulled out. Such a shame as he is talented, much more so than Razia. I would expect RE to sign Clos. Diego Nunes is to race in Brazil this year so we won’t be seeing him either in GP2. Chandhok according to reports has a deal in F1 with either the Serbian guys or whatever happens to the Campos team so he won’t be coming back either. Maybe Baguette will turn up?

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