Countdown to Bahrain

With our attention once again drawn to the GP2 Asia Series, the most interesting thing to talk about will be the now too common driver changes.

So far, the only clear confirmation, apart from the drivers set to drive all season (all 4 races of it), is the return of former Red Bull protege Adrian Zaugg – who will be driving for Trident this weekend.   Zaugg is an exciting driver, who put in some nice races during his GP2 career, and it’s definitely good to see him back in the series.   Hopefully, he will be able to scrape together enough budget for a GP2 Main challenge in 2010.


10 Responses to Countdown to Bahrain

  1. Fujer says:

    Ericsson will not be there. i think Jakes will be driving alongside Kral again and Ericsson will be focusing 100% at main series from now on.

  2. gp2 insider says:

    Thanks for the info… strange how Jakes comes and goes in GP2. Is it solely a budget issue you think?

  3. spudy says:

    I believe Jakes has money and had a contract with Super Nova for GP2 Asia. It’s on the Super Nova website he’d signed for the whole series so I have no idea why Jakes was missing last race.

  4. Fujer says:

    i think they wanted Marcus to get some more runnig at the abu dhabi circut to make him ready for main series.

    • Jean says:

      Big problem with James Jakes and Super nova contract. You guys will see, James Jakes will join propably GP3 with manor.

      • Carioca says:

        The rumour is out indeed!
        Anyway, the teams are having a hard time filling up the 600K+ seats of their 3 GP3 cars, so many newcomers will be directed to the series with the promise of GP2 in 2011 maybe.
        Has anyone heard any rumours on new teams preparing for GP2 for the next 3 years? GP3 newcomers but frontrunners like Carlin or Mucke?
        This will give GP2 a great season if it happens!

  5. André Santos says:

    Parente is returns this weekend!! He will drive for Team Coloni in Bahrain…Excellent news for GP” fans

  6. Diogo Oliveira says:

    Zaugg back in GP2 for this weekend… good news! I really like Adrian. He’s a very talented driver and really deserves another oportunity.

  7. pyciek says:

    Jake Rosenzweig replace Marcus Ericsson in Bahrain.

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