Smart move from Coloni

It is clear that Coloni family are a smart group of people.  They have  seen it all in their years in motorsports, survived many difficult situations and has always found a way to keep things moving.

The team’s move to invite Alvaro Parente to drive alongside Will Bratt at this weekend’s GP2 Asia race in Bahrain is one of those smart moves, result of shrewdness and experience.  Alvaro is one of those great GP2 drivers, who was coming into 2010 as one of the top 3 favorites for the title.  After Alvaro’s sponsorship woes, preventing him from being Virgin’s test driver, he has been left at the mercy of significant support to keep racing this year.  Though a drop in the bucket, Coloni takes an unsold seat, puts Alvaro in it and kills 2 birds with one stone.

First, Paolo Coloni raises the profile for his team, hoping to see his Dallara at the top of the standings after the weekend is over.  Second, he has Alvaro in his pit box, and is in a good position to get him to race in Europe – should the most remote of possibilities exist for him to do so.

Let’s hope that everyone gets whats they want out of this: Coloni a good showing and Alvaro another chance to showcase his talent.

Thanks to André Santos for the tip…


3 Responses to Smart move from Coloni

  1. Diogo Oliveira says:

    I’m quite sure that Álvaro will do a fantastic job with the Coloni car. Let’s see if it’s a way on joining the 2010 GP2 Series. If so, he’d like in 2007, in the worst car, win the championship.

    Go Varinho!

  2. gp2-fan says:

    But the first tip was mine 😀

  3. Rob says:

    Paolo Coloni – Enzo hasn’t run the team in a very long time.

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