Pic takes chaotic Bahrain sprint; Ricci shines in P2

Charles Pic has brought Arden back to the winner’s circle, with a win in today’s Bahrain sprint race.  Giacomo Ricci took a strong second position for DPR, continuing his strong run in GP2 Asia.  Arden completed a 1-3 podium with Javi Villa, repeating yesterday’s result and positioning himself for a possible GP2 Main drive this season.  Bird (finally scoring), Piscopo in a great weekend and Turvey completed the 6 points-paying positions.

Other leading drivers were out or out of contention early, including Parente, Valsecchi and Filippi. Contact between Parente and an erratic Sergio Perez took out the Portuguese, while Bianchi and Zaugg pretty much canceled each other out while dicing for top positions. The top Italian drivers also had various problems, and were out of any relevant positions early in this race.

iSport walks away from this Bahrain race with a driver’s championship and with a team championship pretty much in the bag as well. The next Bahrain race will see the GP2 guys sharing the stage with the 2010 inaugural F1 race.

Results from GP2 live timing:

1 11 C. PIC LAP 23
2 27 G. RICCI 3.5
3 12 J. VILLA 9.3
4 8 S. BIRD 22.3
5 2 E. PISCOPO 23.1
6 16 O. TURVEY 25.1
8 4 D. ZAMPIERI 28.9
9 1 C. VIETORIS 32.4
10 22 Y. BUURMAN 33.0
11 15 J. KRAL 33.4
12 5 M. CHILTON 36.4
13 26 M. HERCK 36.6
14 14 J. ROSENZWEIG 47.7
15 23 F. LEIMER 49.2
16 19 P. KRALEV 87.8
17 6 S. PEREZ 89.6
18 20 L. FILIPPI 96.8
19 18 A. ZAUGG 1L


5 Responses to Pic takes chaotic Bahrain sprint; Ricci shines in P2

  1. Diogo Oliveira says:

    Pérez is a great driver but nuts! He’s dumb as hell! Hiting in Parente in a streight?! Is the guy retarded or just stupid?

  2. Fletcher says:

    no doubt. dumb move and very disappointed in him. He can’t make mistakes like that if he expects to win the championship in main series

  3. Patrik says:

    tbh as someone who is a clerc of the course, I’m quite dissapionted with a lot of the GP2 drivers, and Formula 1 as well in a way.

    your not allowed to block a legal takeover maneuver, several times drivers change lines or force other drivers off the track when they clearly are at the very least in height with thier rear axle.

    we’ve seen a couple of these incidents, and most notably the one between Hamilton and Kimi at Spa, . there is NO corner in this world that you can’t run 2 wide, it’s a matter of respect against your fellow drivers, that is lacked, we try at national level to get our drivers to have this respect, look at Herck/Ericsson at Abu Dhabi, Ericsson leaves space for Herck on the inside, holds his outside turn, Herck slams right into him.

    this is a problem Stewards need to address more firmly

  4. spudy says:

    iSport did wrap up the team Championship after Oliver’s 1 point in the Sprint.

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