Will GP3 hurt GP2?

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In these tough times, having similarly structured categories under the same roof can be a risky proposition.

Though GP3 was clearly aimed at weakening the powerful F3 Euroseries, objective that seems to be on its way to being achieved, it may have some collateral damage in the form of the GP2 Series weakest teams.

Speaking numerically, a full GP3 season should run about €650.000 – the very low end of the spectrum for some of the GP2 Backmarkers.

First question is then, will I pay €650k to run in GP3 or the same to simply survive in GP2 with a budget-constrained team and with little guarantees of completing a full season?

The second issue occurs when neither the GP2 or GP3 grids are full. Rumors of GP3 drivers signing for €500k or less are abundant, and even then there are still plenty of seats to be had. This “sale period” is also destroying some lower-end GP2 teams, as drivers may be looking into the new series as a place to race until the global economy recovers and budgets are easier to come by.

All-in-all, I can’t help but wonder if GP3 was the best of ideas in 2010…. or, even more, if GP2 will survive the GP3 threat and live on after the critical 2010 season when teams and licenses may be reshuffled. Bottom line: will GP3 be the new GP2?


9 Responses to Will GP3 hurt GP2?

  1. spudy says:

    Simple answer is no. The GP3 cars are not even in the same league as their bigger sister. So long as GP2 keeps promoting the next F1 stars into F1 it will be fine. With the potential team re-shuffle for 2011 it may be better for GP2 to eject teams like Trident, DPR and Coloni for better names like Manor, Mucke and Carlin for example. I think some teams in GP2 struggle to get drivers, not because they can’t raise the money but because their sponsors won’t put up the cash for rubbish teams. So in theory the better the teams the more the drivers.

  2. gp2 insider says:

    That the cars are different, it’s clear. My question is more from a driver/sponsor perspective and the perceived benefit of each. I’m afraid that true GP2 budgets will be so few that GP3 will actually retain most of the rising talent.

    Would love to see if Trident, DPR, Coloni agree with your “ejection” proposal!

  3. Robbe says:

    Look at Alex Rossi. He could have signed in GP2 for sure but he rather takes his talent and budget to ART in GP3.

    Coloni always tries to bring good drivers (Parente, Pantano, Carroll, maybe Zuber) into their cars but I don’t know, their latest performances have been really mediocre. But I can’t imagine GP2 without them 🙂

  4. carioca says:

    I am not exactly familiar with the way the team licenses are given, but I am sure that Bernie will find a way to “eject” some and get some better ones (maybe by asking for bank guarantees?)
    Like I said before, these new strong teams will be great for GP2, especially when they will have GP3 teams too. I’ve heard of Mucke and Carlin too.
    There is no doubt that financially these are very hard times, and finding sponsors willing to invest is getting harder and harder.Most of the drivers in GP2 are self-financing their drives, either through their parents or their family companies, with Kralev being there (almost there…) just because of money.
    I think that Bernie will have to contribute some money from the TV rights to the teams, especially since the new cars will mean higher budgets.
    One more observation. I read (Autosport) that Dani Clos will be “retained” for another year.
    Guys, the guy is a great driver and is bringing in 1.5m+, so who taught these guys in the magazines to use these terms? Retained… as if they have plenty of them out there!!

  5. Diogo Oliveira says:

    I’ve just noticed that in the Motorsport links, there is “16 Valvolas”. It’s called 16 Válvulas. ;P

  6. Patrik says:

    I think GP3 might be more in kontention with the various F3 series around the world(all-japanese,Euro,german,spanish,brittish)

    It’s the next step so to say I doubt anyone will go from GP3 to F1, it’s simply a too big step.

    this season should be the “cheapest” as they nw had the cars for 3 years, next year they are all gonna buy new Dallar cars, meaning it could be a more expensive one.

  7. Diogo Oliveira says:


    Isn’t Chilton confirmed in Ocean?

  8. Patrik says:

    he is just doing the shake down, it’s normal procedure on a new car to take a better driver to check it out and get some good inital data to work from 🙂

  9. Marcin says:

    Scrap team casting, they don’t need it. Let teams who want to join, join, let teams which want to run more drivers than two do it. Don’t build new car, stick with GP2/08 for new three year term. Advise Renault to kill FR3.5S and approach FR3.5S teams to join the ranks of GP2S. Maybe new engine is required? Think about it. Streaghten the series, make the strongest feeder series in the world which will be untoucheable by GP3, FIL, FN, AGP, and many more.

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