2010 GP2 Asia driver rankings

Though we have not ranked the drivers on a race-by-race basis as we do in the Main Series, I though it would be appropriate to rank the top 10 drivers for this GP2 Asia season.  When ranking a season, rather than a race weekend, the list is close to the final standings and this is no exception.  A couple of switched positions, but not much else.

In my opinion, 3 drivers have stood out above the rest:  the Italian trio of Valsecchi, Ricci and Filippi.  Apart from these, Turvey had a strong start to the season, fading a bit at the end and running just outside the top 8-10 in most races.  Nonetheless, great debut in GP2 that bodes very well for the GP2 Main season.  Charles Pic was a pleasant surprise, proving excessively quick in qualifying, though not matching this with equally strong race pace.   Standing above many was Alvaro Parente, coming back after the strong disappointment of missing out on his Virgin F1 test role, but proving he is the man to bet on should you want to make a GP2 team competitive for 2010… any takers?

The rest had a strong season, including Villa – the young but everlasting GP2 veteran – and rookies Rossi, Bird and Kral.

The greatest disappointment in everyone’s books must be Jules Bianchi.  The highly-touted F3 champ and Ferrari Academy driver failed to impress this season, only performing during the first races of the season.   Bianchi is a confident driver and I doubt this lack of results will in any way hinder his attack on the GP2 Main Series title.


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