March Paul Ricard test lineup

Confirmed lineup for the 3-day test starting today at Paul Ricard:


12 Responses to March Paul Ricard test lineup

  1. Marcin says:

    Maldonado is the hottest driver on the market list. Am aware that after unsuccessful F1 campaign he may be left in cold and move to FR3.5S, where he tested already this week with SG Formula. There are no seats worth to mention for a guy of calibre…

    • Diogo Oliveira says:

      I have to disagree. The hotest driver is Ɓlvaro Parente. He’s the best of the bunch and the perfect driver to make a litle team one of the best, like he did with Ocean Racing and Coloni.

      • David says:

        Very close call. In a fair world, aside from finances, Parente and Maldonado would be the first two drivers to get signed, but shame it’s not like that (hence how Cecotto, Gonzalez and Herck keep coming back, and Rigon does not)

  2. Andy says:

    James Jakes is showing as confirmed for GP3 with Manor on the series site, though I daresay he’d be off like a shot if he land a real GP2 main series race drive.

    Sam Bird looks pretty secure at ART as we’ve been negotiating about the colours of our logo on his car for the next race!

  3. Patrik says:

    the problem with Alvaro is he has no money, and he needs about 1,5 euros for a season. he is a very good driver but money talks in this buissnies

  4. Fletcher says:

    Razia signed for Rapax a long while ago for main series. count on it

    • David says:

      Rapax are going for Maldonado and Razia.

      Zaugg will be at Trident and Ricci should remain at DPR following his performance in GP2 Asia. Kralev has signed to race in Formula Two. Thought Arabadzhiev would have ended up in GP3 personally, with Jakes and Rossi.

      So, only a few seats left. Who will be left with no drive: Villa? Parente? Valles? Rigon? Filippi? (maybe Superleague/WSbR/F3Euroseries will beckon for some of them)

  5. Fujer says:

    Any live timing from todays testing?

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