Driver “points table” from Paul Ricard

Since comparing times in a test at Paul Ricard is not possible due to the different track configurations run each day, I have assigned points (from 24 to 1) for the standings on each session that was run.

As could be expected, Pastor Maldonado was the top driver at Paul Ricard, though followed very closely by rookie Jules Bianchi and sophomore Dani Clos.  Maldonado was especially penalized due to the limited running the Rapax team decided to carry out during the initial morning session.

Other notable rookies include Sam Bird (4th), Christian Vietoris (5th) and Josef Kral (6th).  In total, 6 rookies (counting Cecotto as one too, even if he contested some races in 2009) in the top-10 point to a very strong crop of new drivers in GP2 this season… a welcome breath of fresh air no doubt.  A total of 11 rookies are confirmed so far for the season – pending the final signing of the second seat at Arden and Trident.

Apart from Maldonado, the “veterans” did not fare so well, with D’Ambrosio 9th, Valerio 13th, Valsecchi 15th and Herck 17th.


6 Responses to Driver “points table” from Paul Ricard

  1. spudy says:

    There really are no conclusions to be drawn from testing. Some teams try to be quick so they are top of the time sheets (PR value). The top teams would be concentrating on running full programmes testing all kinds of things so being quickest is not really top of the list. We won’t know who is quick until after the first race.

    I hear the guys at iSport are very happy with how things went at the test. I think it’s a bit early to discount Valsecchi (haho!) I think you may have to eat your words…. we’ll see what happens in barcelona.

  2. haho says:

    I actually like Valsecchi. But the negativity you poured on VDG I return towards your favourite.

    • spudy says:

      Valsecchi isn’t actually my favourite I don’t have one yet for the main series, I think Bianchi will be good and both Addax drivers. Do you think Arden with their recent form may be in contention also?

  3. Diogo Oliveira says:

    Ocean had some problems with the car in the first two days, but had no problems in day 3. I think they could do even better this year than last year, with Chandhok and Parente.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Like your optimism, but Max Chilton still has some more mileage to get under his belt in GP2. Leimer will probably fight for a top-10 in the points standing. Parente and Chandhok were a great team, indeed.

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