New poll: GP2 title favorite

After the 6 test days, we now have a better feeling of how this season’s drivers will perform this season.  Time to share your opinion on who will win the 2010 title.


Driver “points table” from Barcelona tests

As we did after the Barcelona test, we prepared a points table summing the ending position after each of the 6 test sessions at the Barcelona circuit this week.

Pastor Maldonado emerges again on top, result of his clear strategy of putting his Rapax Dallara at the top towards the end of each session.  Christian Vietoris pulled into second place for this test and was the top rookie, his team very strong at the Spanish track, while Jerome D’Ambrosio and Charles Pic had strong performances as well.   iSport was much stronger at Barcelona, with both Turvey and Valsecchi in the top 10.  Bianchi was heavily penalized by his lack of running on Thursday afternoon, as was Marcus Ericsson after his Thursday morning crash.

Six rookies in the top 10, with veterans Maldonado and D’Ambrosio clearly the best of those with some GP2 experience under their belts.

At the bottom, Giacomo Ricci was affected by his lack of running as his DPR team focused on Herck, while the rest of the drivers will probably be in those positions during most of the year.  Rookies Chilton, González and Arabadzhiev should be bringing up the rear with certain regularity, with Tung also joining them as his lack of pace is clear.

Next stop:  Barcelona for the first race of the season.

Day 2 afternoon: Guess who?

Pastor Maldonado was once again fastest in the afternoon at Barcelona today, though the fastest time of the day was set by Jerome D’Ambrosio in the morning session.

A session in which the ART team focused on pitstops and starts, posting among the slowest times of the day.

Times from the afternoon:

 1. Pastor Maldonado       Rapax                  1:27.539    24
 2. Jerome d'Ambrosio      DAMS                   1:27.586    24
 3. Fabio Leimer           Ocean                  1:27.628    14
 4. Sergio Perez           Barwa Addax            1:27.697    21
 5. Christian Vietoris     Racing Engineering     1:27.747    26
 6. Luiz Razia             Rapax                  1:28.034    24
 7. Davide Valsecchi       iSport                 1:28.054    23
 8. Charles Pic            Arden                  1:28.068    26
 9. Dani Clos              Racing Engineering     1:28.104    29
10. Oliver Turvey          iSport                 1:28.124    24
11. Josef Kral             Super Nova             1:28.465    16
12. Michael Herck          DPR                    1:28.466    28
13. Giacomo Ricci          DPR                    1:28.532     6
14. Rodolfo Gonzalez       Arden                  1:28.586    25
15. Alberto Valerio        Coloni                 1:28.589    13
16. Adrian Zaugg           Trident                1:28.783    23
17. Johnny Cecotto         Trident                1:29.003    23
18. Giedo van der Garde    Barwa Addax            1:29.035    18
19. Ho-Pin Tung            DAMS                   1:29.422    28
20  Max Chilton            Ocean                  1:29.501    17
21. Sam Bird               ART                    1:29.590    33
22. Marcus Ericsson        Super Nova             1;29.770     3
23. Vladimir Arabadzhiev   Coloni                 1:30.011    12
24. Jules Bianchi          ART                    1:30.279    22

Day 2 morning: D’Ambrosio tops red flag-filled session

DAMS driver Jerome D’Ambrosio has claimed top spot in the morning session, plagued by red flags from various drivers.

Fabio Leimer ended up in 4th in the session, in his strongest showing so far.   Both ART and Racing Engineering continued their strong showing of form this pre-season, placing both of their drivers in the top-10.  Rapax also managed to put Luiz Razia in the top times, joining Pastor Maldonado who continues to stake his claim as one of the title favorites for 2010.

Top  times:

1. Jerome d’Ambrosio – DAMS

2. Christian Vietoris – Racing Engineering

3. Pastor Maldonado – Rapax

4. Fabio Leimer – Ocean

5- Jules Bianchi – ART

6. Sam Bird – ART

7. Dani Clos – Racing Engineering

8- Luiz Razia – Rapax

9. Giacomo Ricci – DPR

10. Charles Pic – Arden

Day 1 afternoon: Maldonado picks up where he left off

At the end, the much expected rain barely made its presence felt at this afternoon’s test in Barcelona.  With a cloudy day and cold conditions,  Pastor Maldonado finished back on top at the end of the day, just like he did during each day at Paul Ricard.

It was very close at the top today, with the top 14 drivers in the same second, and the difference between 1st and 5th just under 3 tenths.

Times from Autosport:

 1.  Pastor Maldonado      Rapax               1m27.457s  23
 2.  Sam Bird              ART                 1m27.473s  26
 3.  Christian Vietoris    Racing Engineering  1m27.531s  14
 4.  Charles Pic           Arden               1m27.661s  23
 5.  Marcus Ericsson       Super Nova          1m27.705s  27
 6.  Jules Bianchi         ART                 1m27.851s  29
 7.  Michael Herck         DPR                 1m27.946s  24
 8.  Davide Valsecchi      iSport              1m27.969s  33
 9.  Luiz Razia            Rapax               1m28.043s  28
10.  Josef Kral            Super Nova          1m28.058s  30
11.  Dani Clos             Racing Engineering  1m28.107s  21
12.  Giedo van der Garde   Addax               1m28.278s  32
13.  Sergio Perez          Addax               1m28.296s  33
14.  Oliver Turvey         iSport              1m28.431s  25
15.  Alberto Valerio       Coloni              1m28.471s  26
16.  Jerome d'Ambrosio     DAMS                1m28.630s  10
17.  Fabio Leimer          Ocean               1m28.715s  13
18.  Max Chilton           Ocean               1m28.803s  20
19.  Adrian Zaugg          Trident             1m28.818s  20
20   Vladimir Arabadzhiev  Coloni              1m29.123s  30
21.  Ho-Pin Tung           DAMS                1m29.136s  36
22.  Rodolfo Gonzalez      Arden               1m29.508s  27
23.  Johnny Cecotto        Trident             1m29.933s  10
24.  Giacomo Ricci         DPR

Day 1 morning: Giedo leads initial session

Under a threatening gray sky, Giedo van der Garde has put his Barwa Addax at the top of the initial session at the Barcelona circuit.

Times from Autosport:

 1.  Giedo van der Garde   Addax               1m28.145s  19
 2.  Sam Bird              ART                 1m28.283s  15
 3.  Christian Vietoris    Racing Engineering  1m28.323s  23
 4.  Pastor Maldonado      Rapax               1m28.669s  14
 5.  Jules Bianchi         ART                 1m28.814s  22
 6.  Jerome d'Ambrosio     DAMS                1m28.855s  18
 7.  Oliver Turvey         iSport              1m28.874s  22
 8.  Charles Pic           Arden               1m28.962s  18
 9.  Adrian Zaugg          Trident             1m29.018s  20
10.  Josef Kral            Super Nova          1m29.020s  25
11.  Michael Herck         DPR                 1m29.076s  18
12.  Dani Clos             Racing Engineering  1m29.093s  22
13.  Luiz Razia            Rapax               1m29.126s  12
14.  Fabio Leimer          Ocean               1m29.258s  10
15.  Giacomo Ricci         DPR                 1m29.265s  14
16.  Sergio Perez          Addax               1m29.318s  17
17.  Johnny Cecotto        Trident             1m29.376s  19
18.  Marcus Ericsson       Super Nova          1m29.439s  25
19.  Max Chilton           Ocean               1m29.627s  24
20   Vladimir Arabadzhiev  Coloni              1m29.727s  22
21.  Davide Valsecchi      iSport              1m29.755s  23
22.  Alberto Valerio       Coloni              1m29.868s  15
23.  Ho-Pin Tung           DAMS                1m30.599s  10
24.  Rodolfo Gonzalez      Arden               1m30.625s  20

Confirmed driver list for Barcelona test

Confirmed list from the GP2 Series website on the drivers present at the test starting tomorrow at the Barcelona circuit.  No change from the recent test at Paul Ricard: