New poll: GP2 title favorite

After the 6 test days, we now have a better feeling of how this season’s drivers will perform this season.  Time to share your opinion on who will win the 2010 title.


11 Responses to New poll: GP2 title favorite

  1. Bowe Bevonius says:

    Well, it seems like the fans of Marcus Ericsson have found this page 🙂 Go, Marcus, go!

    • Patrik says:

      Even thou my patriotic feelings say marcus I still voted for Pastor he has been absolutly stunning in the testing sessions

  2. Diogo Oliveira says:

    Álvaro Parente!!! xD If he were in GP2, he would be the man to beat, like he his now in Superleague Fórmula and Spanish GT Championship.

    In my opinion, this year, the men to beat are Maldonado, Vietoris and van der Garde.

    An interesting fact is that only one german driver that competed in GP2 didn’t win the title. The rest won the championship:

    Rosberg (2005)
    Glock (2007)
    Hulkenberg (2009)

    The only one that din’t win was Ammermuller. All eyes on Vietoris!

  3. Fujer says:

    VDG wont win the championship, he is to up and down tbh.

    My picks are Maldonado and Bianchi, maybe Turvey can suprise.

  4. Marcin says:

    Thing is, we don’t appear to know whether Maldonado will finish the season? Odds are he jumps into Sauber Ferraris cocpit after Spain.

    IMO Sergio Perez…

  5. Fletcher says:

    My money is on Sergio Perez

  6. Lina says:

    Ericsson? Not in a Super Nova, I don’t think. Maldonado will be fast but will probably make too many mistakes. Plus he has been around a while, it would be nice to see some of the newer guys do well. I think it will be a battle between, Bianchi, VDG, Perez and the two iSport cars. Maybe Pic could win a few races and Arden look stronger this year,

  7. Mekola says:

    The poll is closed! Why? To prevent Ericsson’s biases???

    • gp2 insider says:

      Those Ericsson fans really dig social networking! No.. poll is closed because no one was voting anymore. Will post results soon, though clearly Ericsson is the “favorite”!

  8. Hi, to all Marcus Ericsson fans, watch this interview made by 16 Válvulas in Portimao Circuit

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