Starting 2010 lineup complete

With the announcements (what a surprise!) of Ricci at DPR, González at Arden and Zaugg at Trident we now have a complete lineup for the first race at Barcelona this weekend.  How long will these guys last?  Nobody knows for sure and will depend on a white knight showing up with the cash and the ability of teams to fund drivers in order to avoid the penalty for not showing up on the grid.

Though González has put together some money from PDVSA, it is not enough to last the whole season.  Arden was caught in a tight spot after their wait for Javi Villa came up negative, having to settle for a rookie with a limited budget.   Ricci’s case is clear, though we all hope Mr. Herck will let him freely outperform young Michael, which he will surely do given the chance.  In the case of Zaugg, another in a long list of budgetless drivers filling in the gaps.   No doubt he will put on a good show, as did Davide Rigon last year, but we’ll see how far he is allowed to test the limits of his Dallara.

The show is almost here… tomorrow look for the season preview from GP2insider…  If you want to check out one of these today, look at Will Buxton’s solid preview published earlier today:


2 Responses to Starting 2010 lineup complete

  1. Fujer says:

    What happend to the season preview? 🙂

  2. Marcin says:

    You’ll have it today, on track 😉

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