Turkey GP – driver rankings

Eventful Saturday and boring Sunday at the Turkish GP2 race this past weekend.

Saturday’s race finally saw the Pastor Maldonado many of us were expecting, with a dominant win over several drivers who had to seriously fight for their top 8 position.  Davide Valsecchi had a tough fight with Perez and Bird,  with the Mexican pulling off a good show that was marred by his low-fuel exclusion after the race.   Giedo van der Garde put in a strong weekend for Addax, while Razia is making the best of a very regular and strong season.  Michael Herck kept DPR up in the points, a common sight these days, while Vietoris was finally able to show his talent in his rookie GP2 season.  Dani Clos was eventually 8th after Perez was DQ, a very lucky turn of events after a very tentative race in the top 10.  His Sunday win is a great feat for this 2nd year driver, but he was again very fortunate to see a combative Vietoris pull out with engine problems.

The Sunday race saw Razia once again on the podium, while it not clear why Maldonado was not able to charge through the field.  His Rapax seems to be very quick when on its own, as in preseason testing, but has serious difficulties when in traffic.

Major disappointment for the weekend was Jules Bianchi, the ART title favorite having trouble to get up in the points regularly and in matching fast teammate Sam Bird, who is now tied with Bianchi in the points.  Also disappointing was Marcus Ericsson, once again out of the points with a very nervous couple of races.  Super Nova continues to be the only pointless team this season.

Now, a long break until the Valencia race….


6 Responses to Turkey GP – driver rankings

  1. Fujer says:

    If Ericssons bad weekend wasnt enough he will get a 10 place grid penelty in Valencia for causing the crash with Zaugg at lap 1 in the sprint race..

  2. Fletcher says:

    Pérez again led down by his team. Two great drives with nothing to show for it. He should be leading this championship.

  3. Patrik says:

    Well until Marcus gearbox blew into a million pieces he was on course for a top 8 finish, this weekend he showed he has the pace, now it’s a matter of the material holding up, but I see similarities to Raikonnen at McLaren a couple of years ago

    • Fujer says:

      Yeah he was infront of Herck after the pitstops so without gearbox failure he prbly would have been top 8.

    • jake says:

      Well, with Kimi it was a question of win or bust, with Marcus it’s more like 7th/8th or bust – and in GP2, not F1.

  4. Fletcher says:

    I’m wondering if Perez ran out of fuel at the end as he pulled over after the checker flag andprobably why his car was underweight for lack of fuel.

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