Sunday race: reverse grid vs. qualifying

If you ask any F1 team manager, agent or other relevant figure in the racing world, many will coincide that the Sunday race in GP2 has significantly less “value” than a Saturday win.  Apart from the different points payout, attributed to the shorter length of the race, the guys at the top of the grid on Sunday have gotten there via a different path than those the day before.

This is due to the fact that drivers actually qualify for the race and that the race itself is demanding due to its length and the existence of an obligatory pitstop.

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Rookies feeling the pressure?

After a strong start to the season, with rookie wins from Pic and Leimer, the “veterans” have staked their righteous claim in this year’s GP2 Series.  With the past 4 races dominated by drivers with more than one year in GP2, only 2 rookies (Bianchi and Bird) have been on the podium since Barcelona.

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