Teams comparison 2010 vs 2009

The emergence of a new “top team” this season with the transformation of Rapax into a consistent winner made me think how teams are faring so far this season when compared to 2009.  Below are two charts, from which we can draw interesting conclusions:

No surprise to see Rapax at +69 points when compared to 2009, when they were languishing with Roldán Rodríguez and Alberto Valerio, pushed only by his strong win at Silverstone.  Not surprising either is DPR, with the explosion of its whole team structure and the better results from both Ricci and Herck in 2010.   iSport is also doing better this season, as the Valsecchi-Tuvey combo is working better than the van der Garde-Nunes team, which took a bit of time to get rolling last season.

What is surprising is to find ART as the worst team in comparison at this point in the season.  Hulkenberg’s strong season last year, even when pulling Maldonado’s weight most of the season, is 43 points better than the current results from Bianchi and Bird.  Even though they are both racing well, the results are significantly below what ART must have expected, especially when compared to 2009.  Also at the bottom are Super Nova, team we have already written about which is undergoing its worst season ever in GP2, and DAMS, whose high-flying Renault Junior Team status has failed to materialize in results from either D’Ambrosio or Tung.  We will write an opinion piece on DAMS and Gravity in the coming days leading up to Spa…


2 Responses to Teams comparison 2010 vs 2009

  1. Diogo Oliveira says:

    Álvaro Parente is returning to GP2, for Spa. NICE!

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