Several changes for Spa

This weekend’s Spa race brings  changes to the GP2 lineup.

First, DAMS has brought in Romain Grosjean once again, but this time to sub in for Ho Pin Tung.  I have no information to question Tung’s injury, but the timing is curious nonetheless.

Second, Alberto Valerio very surprisingly notified the Coloni team that he would not be taking part in the Spa race, and as Italiaracing reports, probably the Monza and Abu Dhabi races as well.  The same source says Portuguese star Alvaro Parente will be racing for the Italian team, bringing back to the series one of the best drivers out there without a drive this season.  No doubt, Paolo Coloni is trying to window dress the team for the 2011 season, making his seats more appetizing to potential customers next year.

Finally, in a very Herck-like move, Budapest race winner Giacomo Ricci has been sidelined in favor of compatriot Fabrizio Crestani.   Taking out a fast driver to bring in the irregular, category-jumping Crestani is a terrible move for the team, which many thought was changing for the better.  Though Ricci’s ride has been paid for by the Hercks, my opinion is that the team is not thinking of global results any more.  They must already know that for 2011, DPR’s grid slot is in serious jeopardy.

We still await news on Jules Bianchi, who’s Formula Abarth test at Fiorano apparently went quite well..


5 Responses to Several changes for Spa

  1. Furious Angel says:

    For Grosjean he’s not in the Gravity program BUT he has several links with them (he raced for them in Spa 24h, in Auto GP and he says on website that Gravity wanted to putt him in the Pescarolo car in the 24 hours of Le Mans). So he has little links with them and he’s clearly quicker than both DAMS regular driver !

  2. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    parente back in gp2, in a circuit that he completely dominated last year`s race…(can he do it again?)
    unfornutaly hes going to replace valerio at coloni not bianchi at ART, but i think that he will teach at some guys out there how to drive in spa!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Cheeers mates!

  3. quark says:

    alvaro parente rules !

  4. Fletcher says:

    Should be good for GP2 with 2 good talented drivers coming back and hopefully give Perez and Maldonado a run for their money. We will see exactly how well they are actually driving as I think this year is really missing some talent

  5. Diogo Oliveira says:

    And remember… in Spa-Francorchamps, usually, Parente does shine and that because: “In tracks of men, only men rule”

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