Belgian GP – Driver rankings

Chaotic as expected race today at Spa, with Alvaro Parente and Sergio Perez clearly above the rest.  The Mexican made up for yesterday’s troubled race while Parente concluded a dream comeback to GP2, which could have only been bested by a win this morning.    Strong result as well from Van der Garde, who has been mired in the midfield as of late, accompanied by the best ever result by Rodolfo González, very motivated and concentrated for these last races of the season.

At the other end, terrible race again for Jules Bianchi, who may have been just a bit too hasty in his eagerness to return to GP2.  Mechanical failure for championship leader Maldonado during the first lap, allowing Pérez to close up a bit on the huge gap that the Venezuelan will take into the Monza weekend.


3 Responses to Belgian GP – Driver rankings

  1. Diogo Oliveira says:

    Why ain’t I surprised with Alvaro’s performance? 😛

  2. Fletcher says:

    Very good race from Parente. Unfortunate that Sergio got a drive through penalty otherwise who knows where he would of finished but yeah max points to Parente. Hopefully hewill race the remaining races.

  3. quark says:

    parente clearly the best !

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