Bianchi back too soon?

With Jules Bianchi clearly out of the title chase for the 2010 GP2 season, I cannot help to wonder why ART was in such a hurry to bring him back.   With injuries to his vertebrae after the frontal crash with Tung at Hungary, Bianchi was rumored to be out until Abu Dhabi, allowing a delicate injury to heal properly.

Yet ART surprised all by bringing Jules back for Spa, a very demanding circuit on any driver.   His result for the weekend was quite poor for any standards, especially a leading team like ART, yet more importantly was the risk of further injury to the driver.

Why was ART in such a hurry to bring him back?  ART is not in the hunt for the team championship, unless you count 3rd place a position the team is aiming for.   If Bianchi cannot mathematically win the drivers championship (he is now tied for 4th and falling), was it not a better idea to sit him out, recover him at the gym, and put in a potential 2011 ART driver in instead?  In a previous post we had listed potential drivers to fill in for Jules, many of which we thought made sense for ART or the Ferrari Drivers Academy, especially with a view to next year:  Gutiérrez, Bottas or Bortolotti, just to highlight a few.

I really have no answer for this one, and can only wonder if ART will put Bianchi in the car again at Monza.  From a distance, and given the results and outlook for a lukewarm season for ART, I would be inclined to sit Jules out, recover well and get back in the car at Yas Marina, should his condition be optimal for a final 2010 season ride.



One Response to Bianchi back too soon?

  1. Karim says:

    Tech 1 has decided to withdraw their application for gp2.

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