More changes at Coloni – Hartley in for Vlado

Coloni has announced today that ex-Red Bull Junior Driver Brendon Hartley will join the team for Monza and Abu Dhabi, replacing  Bulgarian driver Vlado Arabadzhiev.   Another intelligent move from Paolo Coloni’s team, with the added incentive of several sponsors backing Hartley’s initiation in GP2 (as reported by Italiaracing).

This puts on track a potentially strong lineup of Parente and Hartley, though the New Zealander has never driven a GP2 car, probably hoping to repeat their spectacular result from Spa.  Let’s see how well Hartley adapts to GP2, and if he shows Red Bull and Dr. Marko if they were right or wrong in dropping him from the program.

I must confess that I was confident that Vlado had paid for a full season with Coloni, so dropping the Bulgarian comes as a bit of a surprise.  I would be more inclined to think that Coloni has negotiated an exit for Vlado, maybe throwing in some GP2 Asia races, for the chance to sit Hartley in the car and continue to raise the team’s profile for 2011.   Either way,  Hartley will bring some fresh blood into the series, and hopefully he will put in a good showing this weekend.


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