Poll: Who will be in F1 in 2011?

With the 2010 season likely to be decided at this weekend’s Monza race, we begin to set our sights on 2011.    Though this season has not been one of the most talent-filled of recent years, there are strong rumors that several GP2 drivers may end up on the F1 side of the paddock next year.  Who do you think that could be?…. fill in the poll on the right hand side of the page.


4 Responses to Poll: Who will be in F1 in 2011?

  1. If all of the drivers in that poll were with a hand full of cash without any doubt Parente already was at F1, but, since he has no money, i would say that Maldonado and Perez are the choosen one’s.

  2. Kai says:

    With Grosjean’s linkup with Gravity, I think he may be in with a chance. Possibly at Lotus as part of the rumored Renault engine supply deal?

  3. quark says:

    if f1 continues to promote drivers like chandock senna and yamamoto, maldonado is the way to go. im not saying is not fast, but it would not be my first choice. perez is still a bit “green”, but brings a lot of cash.
    with no cash, but probably the best driver in the world outside f1, i would choose alvaro parente.
    grosjean is similar to parente, i litlle more wreckless i believe.would be a goo choice too, more mature than maldonado and perez for sure.

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