Grosjean-Gravity… done deal

As we had predicted in August, the Grosjean – Gravity deal has finally been sealed.    Both sides have opted for what we called a win-win deal, with Gravity adding muscle to its driver portfolio and Grosjean teaming up with a strong group with very direct F1 ties.

With the difficult-to-challenge excuse of Ho Pin Tung’s back condition, Grosjean will be slotted in at DAMS for the rest of the season.

For GP2, also a win, bringing back a potential champion to the series and adding more quality to the field.  Though this quality has been scarce during the year, we now see drivers like Parente and Grosjean raising the bar for all drivers on the track.

Now, Grosjean must prove his mettle in the series, pulling off results much like Alvaro Parente did during the race at Spa.  Anything else, for him and for Gravity, would be falling significantly short of potential F1 ambitions in the coming years.


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