Poll results: Pérez strong favorite for 2011 F1 seat

The recent and growing rumors of an imminent Telmex involvement in Formula 1 next year have catapulted Sergio Pérez as the clear favorite among GP2 drivers to make the jump to F1 next year.   I agree with this theory, though I am surprised at the gap with Pastor Maldonado, who is also backed by significant cash from PDVSA, though the Venezuelan oil monopoly has yet to make its presence felt at the highest level of the motorsports ladder.

Alvaro Parente, we all know belongs in F1, yet unfortunately the necessary budget and backing has failed him since clearly demonstrating his talent in both World Series and GP2.    Other drivers listed could potentially end up in F1, should the necessary budget puzzle pieces fall into place, most notably van der Garde and Grosjean.

As teams begin to close their driver lineups for 2011, our curiosity and doubts will be satisfied…


3 Responses to Poll results: Pérez strong favorite for 2011 F1 seat

  1. quark says:

    alvaro parente clearly deserves to be in f1. when he will get there it will be on his own merit, and not thanks to a wealthy sponsor.
    i believe alvaro will once again show his talent in monza this weekend, and hopefuly the f1 team principals will be watching

  2. Fletcher says:

    Jerome dAmbrosio is rumored to go to Virgin for 2011.

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