Bird wins a demolition derby… Pastor: not yet

Sam Bird won a race where only 13 cars ended up crossing the finish line.  A true demolition derby with multiple accidents, both at the first chicane and at Ascari – the most notable being Maldonado, who jumped over Grosjean’s car, and Pérez, who was punted off by Herck.

Though Rapax and Pastor were visibly celebrating, the title is still 1 point away, yet it is likely  that it will be settled tomorrow as both drivers will probably not score any points in the sprint race (thanks Sauber11 for the heads-up!)..

The race started off with trouble at the first chicane, where many had to jump it to avoid contact.  At the next curve, Filippi strongly crashed into Giedo, causing Dani Clos to spin and taking all three out of the race.  At the restart, Maldonado was tapped by Pérez, causing him to fly over Grojean’s car and destroying his Rapax Dallara.   Shortly after, Herck ran into the Mexican’s car, very likely sentencing the title as well, though mathematically he still has a chance.  We still have no information, but Pérez seemed to complain of pain in his right arm and shoulder.

Multiple penalties as well, most for cutting the first chicane and gaining an advantage, especially affecting the races of Parente and Valsecchi, who were poised for a strong result and could have probably challenged for the podium.

Sam Bird then gets his first GP2 win, and could be a strong push for another season in 2011.  It was a quiet race for him, set up perfectly by his challenge to polesitter Bianchi at the first corner.  Bianchi himself had a tranquil race, something he probably thanked after almost being punted off by D’Ambrosio at the first chicane on the first safety car restart.

For tomorrow’s race, Max Chilton is on pole, with Edoardo Piscopo alongside after keeping his nose out of trouble.  Both Trident cars in the points today, with Zaugg coming in 6th, and very likely making the Italian team ecstatic in its home race.

Results (from Italiaracing):

1 – Sam Bird – ART – 30 laps 49’27″229
2 – Jules Bianchi – ART –
3 – Oliver Turvey – iSport –
4 – Christian Vietoris – Racing Engineering –
5 – Jerome D’Ambrosio – Dams –
6 – Adrian Zaugg – Trident –
7 – Edoardo Piscopo – Trident –
8 – Max Chilton – Ocean –
9 – Davide Valsecchi – iSport –
10 – Fabrizio Crestani – DPR –
11 – Charles Pic – Arden –
12 – Alvaro Parente – Coloni –
13 – Romain Grosjean – Dams –


2 Responses to Bird wins a demolition derby… Pastor: not yet

  1. sauber11 says:

    the title is still 1 point away, and it is highly unlikely that it will be settled tomorrow

    No and no. 27 points difference between Pastor and Perez ( 87-60) with 20 maximum points at Abu Dhabi and 7 tomorrow.
    That means even if Perez takes maximum in each race he will earn 27 points but still Pastor is a champion , he has more wins.
    Also after tomorrow race there will be only 20 maximum points to achieve, not 27.

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