Italian GP – driver rankings

Not one of the most exciting races of the year, though it did produce 2 key highlights:  the crowning of Pastor Maldonado as the deserved champion for 2010 and the spectacular weekend from Sam Bird, who we hope will be back for a second season in 2011.

The weekend was dominated by drivers we are used to seeing in the top-10 but not necessarily on the podium this year, as Bird, Vietoris, D’Ambrosio, Chilton and Tuvey were protagonists in both days.   Maldonado’s races were both quite short, and we are sure he would have preferred to celebrate his title from inside the car rather than in the Rapax truck.

Sergio Pérez, though unlucky after an over-anxious Herck destroyed his title hopes at Ascari yesterday, should have qualified better on Friday to seriously challenge for the crown.   Thus, the reason for such a low rating on our ranking for the weekend.  Pérez needed to dominate the weekend and he did not pull through.

Strong debut weekend from Edoardo Piscopo, though he was rear-ended by Valsecchi today, while Hartley’s first GP2 races will be easy to forget.   Returnees Parente and Grosjean had quite messy weekends, with neither really having the chance to openly race without getting tangled up in traffic and small on-track incidents.

Now, a long break until Abu Dhabi, where we are very likely to see many driver changes as teams set up for both 2011 and the coming GP2 Asia season.


5 Responses to Italian GP – driver rankings

  1. I know Parente is a driver that is worth twice of the other drivers, but you could leave him as portuguese one time 😉

  2. Parente is placed twice in that ranking, one of them with a brazilian flag 😛

  3. Fletcher says:

    Great to see Sam Bird do well for a change. Perez put himself in a pickel by again qualifying poorly and doubt he would have made any impression in the race starting where he did. Sad because Maldonado didn’t score any points. A bit of an anti climax for the fans of gp2.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Agree completely. Actually, sad also because there’s not much to look forward to for Abu Dhabi… maybe the fight for the team title and 3rd place. Probably more interesting to see the musical chairs game as they set up for Asia and 2011.

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