Carlin and Lotus join GP2 – DPR out

Carlin and Team Air Asia (basically Lotus) have been announced as the 2 new teams for the GP2 Series 2011-2013 period.  These teams take the spot left vacant by Durango this year, as well as the spot currently occupied by DPR.

Not good news for André Herck, though this confirmation has been rumored for a long time, and the GP2 organization must have clear and concrete reasons for this decision.

Thus, the new list of teams for GP2 is:

Arden International
ART Grand Prix
Barwa Addax Team
iSport International
Ocean Racing Technology
Racing Engineering
Scuderia Coloni
Super Nova Racing
Team Air Asia (Lotus)
Trident Racing


One Response to Carlin and Lotus join GP2 – DPR out

  1. Marcin says:

    No surprises than. Did Herck state he wants to be part of 2011-2013 period with his team? Maybe it was his decision to move forward with son’s career?!

    Question arises, is ORT stil up for sale? Same for Trident Racing.

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