Pérez confirmed at Sauber for 2011

Great news for the GP2 community as Sergio Pérez has been confirmed by Sauber for a 2011 ride alongside fellow GP2 grad Kamui Kobayashi.  The news has been confirmed by the Formula 1 official site:  http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2010/10/11338.html.

The arrival of Perez, long-awaited and expected, will give Peter Sauber a breath of fresh air on his income statement as Pérez comes along with some decent Telmex sponsorship money.   Putting money aside, his F1 spot is well deserved and we are happy to see his effort and character rewarded with what should be a more competitive seat in 2011.

Just a comment, and not wishing to enter into F1 politics:  what the hell is all the Heidfeld-De la Rosa switch about then? Makes little sense!

Felicidades Sergio!


2 Responses to Pérez confirmed at Sauber for 2011

  1. Fletcher says:

    Sorry to see my favorite driver go but glad to see Checo get the drive. I don’t understand why the switch either. Makes no sense except maybe to get some info from pirelli tyres. Ironic that PDR is now the tester. Maybe Sauber will hire PDR as Friday reserve driver so he can give them feedback for next year. That would be smart in my opinion.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Fletcher, I seriously doubt Pedro wants anything to do with Mr. Peter Sauber. His treatment of someone like PDLR has been despicable and no matter how much Pedro wants to drive again, he will no doubt bypass the Swiss team. Risky bet from Sauber with Kobayashi and 2 rookies (Esteban and Sergio)… maybe Nick will stay on as the development/test driver??

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