1st signing for 2011: Herck with Coloni

Italiaracing reports today that Michael Herck has signed with Paolo Coloni’s team for both the GP2 Asia and the 2011 GP2 Main seasons.  Interesting and quick move from Herck, left without “his” team after this November’s Abu Dhabi race after his father’s DPR team was not renewed in the 2011-2013 GP2 contract.

Herck is a driver who has gradually improved throughout his GP2 career, most notably this season as the team was more focused and he had the very competitive Giacomo Ricci as a teammate.

For Coloni, a good move to guarantee what is no doubt a relevant part of his budget.  With the paltry results obtained in 2010 with Valerio and Arabadzhiev, he would have been hard-pressed to find 2 competitive and budgeted drivers for the upcoming season.

Though I doubt this signing in any way “unblocks” the driver’s market, we will probably start to see a trickle of driver announcements, especially for the very, very short Asia season.


One Response to 1st signing for 2011: Herck with Coloni

  1. Karim says:

    Charles Pic poursuit en GP2 en 2011

    Neuvième des GP2 Series avant la dernière manche d’Abou Dhabi le 14 novembre, Charles Pic affirme qu’il rempilera pour une saison supplémentaire en 2011, après avoir, comme l’an passé, disputer les GP2 Asia Series.

    « Je serai bien présent au départ des GP2 Asia Series cet hiver ainsi qu’en GP2 Main Series l’an prochain, déclare le Français. La nouvelle monoplace de GP2 fera son apparition dès l’Asia Series et il sera intéressant d’en prendre les commandes pour constater le gain en performance ».

    Pic in GP2 for the 2011 season.

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