Abu Dhabi tests – Day 3 & 4 list

Here is the current confirmed and rumored lineup for Saturday and Sunday’s final 2 days of testing.  These will be the last laps for the GP2 2008 car and the Bridgestone tires.


The final DPR charade in Abu Dhabi

I thought about this after day 1 of testing was over… but thought: “No, it can’t be”.  But after today’s session… hmmmmm.

With Michael Herck doing a solid job in his final runs with dad’s DPR Dallara, it is quite intriguing to see the second DPR pull off a single installation lap and pull into the pits, never to be seen again.  Behavior impeccably repeated both yesterday and today.

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Abu Dhabi test lineup – Day 1 & Day 2

List for the first 2 days of testing at Abu Dhabi.

ART GP2/11 runs in Lotus livery at shakedown

(c) GP2 Series

Picture courtesy of the official GP2 Series website shows the new ART GP2/11 in full Lotus colors, driven by Esteban Gutiérrez who has already been confirmed by the team.

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The driver list for the GP2/11 shakedown

Few confirmations for Thursday’s GP2/11 shakedown at Paul Ricard.

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2011 Addax lineup… Agag says: “no rookies”

During a pit wall interview by Spanish television this Sunday, Addax team principal Alejandro Agag said that his drivers for 2011 were “already racing in GP2” this year.  Agag went on to say: “We don’t race rookies in our team”.

Since Agag took over – partially in 2007 and fully in 2008 – the only rookie has been Ben Hanley, who was then part of the Renault Driver Development program but whose poor season saw him get the boot after 6 races in favor of Lucas DiGrassi – then also in the orbit of the French F1 team.

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Will Red Bull back Ricciardo in GP2?

Red Bull Junior Team driver Daniel Ricciardo has been quoted as saying that he hopes Dr. Marko and Red Bull will continue to back him in GP2 next year.

Surprising to hear these comments from Ricciardo who, knowing Dr. Marko and his mentality, is probably walking the Red Bull tightrope at this point.  His unexpected and in-extremis loss to Aleshin in the WSR finale this season probably hurt Ricciardo much more that if he would have lost it weeks earlier.  Helmut Marko is not one to take loss well, and he will not flinch at canning Ricciardo, even if his track record to-date is solid.

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