Gravity working medical miracles? Ho Pin Tung to sub for Vietoris

Following up on last night’s news that Racing Engineering driver Christian Vietoris had to be operated due to appendicitis, the German driver’s seat will be filled by fellow Gravity driver Ho Pin Tung.

Up to this point, all is normal, as the Gravity-paid seat should be filled by another member of the program, and Ho Pin has the experience to race at this level.   And it just happened that due to D’Ambrosio driving just this GP2 race, Ho Pin was around at Abu Dhabi as the Renault F1 reserve driver.

The curious note is that not too many days ago, the inclusion of Grosjean was reportedly due to a doctor’s recommendation that Tung should continue to rest, still as a result of his first lap incident at the Budapest GP2 race.

Hmmmm…. if Ho Pin Tung was not “fit” to drive for DAMS, why is he risking his health (we’re talking about a back injury here) and subbing for Vietoris in the Racing Engineering seat?   A little white lie gone unnoticed?

The only explanation: Gravity works miracles!


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